The Ugly Truth - Hollywood In Trouble


 (1 of 5 Stars)       If The Ugly Truth had any cinematic merit, any single spark of originality, we would sound the "spoiler" alarm, so as to warn you that we will be giving away the storyline.   However, should you decide to plop 140 Baht down for a ticket - you have nothing to worry about, you will not be exposed to either originality or cinematic merit. 
               Heigl, our story's heroine, works so hard, she doesn't realize that she is a raving beauty and that her love life is in the toilet - in spite of having a horny best girlfriend that is always trying to get both of them laid.   Heigl then meets an attractive new next door neighbor, Eric Winter, and falls immediately in love, or fascination, or lust, or... something. Soon she is employing a series of situation-comedy techniques to make it with this guy, but can't do so without a little help from her friends - and her enemy, the crude slob (Gerard Butler).                 Soon, Butler takes her under his wing, and through an over-long series of embarrasingly predictable scenes which are designed to make very young white women in the audience titter together in communal tittilation, he proceeds to coach her on how to land this guy.   See, he knows what men really want....   We all know what happens from here (hint ; it is the exact same thing you knew would happen when you saw the movie poster outside the theater - no variations, no twist of plot...)   Ho hum.   The bottom line - if it is really this difficult for two people to get together and make love - the human species is doomed.   If you have the option of seeing The Ugly Truth, or watching reruns of the Muppets on TV, watch TV....             LEAST  Enduring Line or Phrase:  "He flosses!"    .  Groate Ellenbogen



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why is hollywood in trouble?

Critico's picture

this piece of crap made money, even you saw it knowing it would suck.

So, Ellenbogen is the reason Hollywood sucks

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I always wondered about that.


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Nice work guys.



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