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Okay, so I watched the whole VP debate - every last minute - and actually found it pretty interesting in a "let's watch and see if the dumb kid will lick the frozen flag pole" sort of way.

I'm one of the 84% of polled CNN readers who thought Sarah Palin did better than expected. Unfortunately, I expected her to crap her pants and faint when asked about foreign policy. She didn't do that, so it was definitely better than expected.

It's been awhile since Republicans have turned on each other like this. Had I been a true conservative, watching Sarah Palin "debate" Joe Biden while kicking George W. Bush to the curb, supporting civil rights for gay couples, discussing the validity of climate change, and repeating the words "regulation" over and over, I would have immediately become familiar with the Libertarian candidates for President and Vice President. Sarah Palin did a pretty good imitation of a Democrat. For any true conservative, that's got to be kind of scary. I almost thought Palin was going to admit that evolution was possible.

Sarah Palin was basically incoherent most of the night. Her talking points slammed into each other like cars in a head-on collision. Adjectives modified verbs, nouns got strung together two, three, four at a time, the word "maverick" got repeated so often I thought James Garner was going to walk out on stage. Palin's actual words literally made no sense most of the time. Basically, the McCain/Palin catch phrases just got spit out from her like a lawn sprinkler going back and forth.

Among her most interesting strategies was the repeated use of examples from her time as mayor. This seem horribly ill-advised. Does anybody think that being mayor of some small town in Alaska qualifies you to be Vice President. Let's face it, any idiot can get elected mayor of a small town in America. This little mountain town near me, which I think has more people in it than all of Alaska, elected a former stripper as its mayor. Things didn't go well.

For his part, Joe Biden didn't insult Palin and countered her lies with his own lies, which is what every good political debater seems to do. Political persuasion aside, that anybody could think that Palin won that debate is hard to fathom. That any conservative could be happy with her performance is also hard to fathom. But then again, this is America. We elected George W. Bush not once, but twice.


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I too watched the entire debte, I dreamed about politics after

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...I'm not kidding, I had one of those strange movie dreams filled with intense emotion and sureally-ridiculous plots, I'll leave it at that.

The debate was a disappointment, and while I felt Biden did better, he could have easily cleaned up by simply doing one thing.  Answering the fucking questions.  The guy's got the know how, he already had the advantage, all he had to do was answer the questions.  Sure, steering the conversation could be expected at some point, but in this case, in dealing with an inexperienced opponent, simply playing by the rules and answering the questions directly was all that was necessary.  Before saying things like, "if you would, I'd like to address another issue, because that's what Obama would do if..."  It's not that Biden didn't drive home some good points about Obama and his policies, and it isn't like he didn't attack McCain's past support of Bush, it's that he did it out of time with the questioning of the moderator from the get-go.  Had he been paitient, the moderator would have eventually come to those questions and Biden could have torn up the mic in proper turn, so to speak.  Instead we got a differnent sort of game between the moderator, Biden and Palin, all tryuing to change thwe subject and steal the theme/question from the moderator and fight and avoid each other all at the same time.  The moderator isn't even an opponent, but she became one because the debators yanked the steering wheel from her hands.

Palin on the other hand, proved she couldn't fall flat and be a complete embarrasment, but she didn't impress me to the point where I could say she was a clear winner.  Biden hammered home facts about McCain siding with Bush, and said he and Obama had a withdrawel plan.  The one thing that overshadows the entire election is that McCain has been pro-Iraq war all along.  I was suprised to hear Biden talk about a withdrawal timeline, but hey, it's an important point, and even more important, he highlighted the fact that terrorism existed in afganistan, and not in Iraq.

To be fair...

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Bush wasn't really elected the first time...

I'm confused

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This person is also called Mr. Cranky, and Mr. Cranky already has a blog. Are there two Mr. Cranky's? Whatever the case, this was an enjoyable rant.


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