Wait, there were going to be *two* "Bloom County" Christmas specials?

Evidently, yes.  I was visiting Michel Gangne's website for some Saturday afternoon inspiration and found this...

(OK, normally, there would be a link here.  But I don't know if the Spam filter problem has been solved yet and I don't want this post to disappear in the Aether.  Go to GagneInt.com, then hit "Gallery", then "Effects Animation", and take a gander at the third item on the list.  Incidentally, like so many animators, Gagne is one of those people whose works you love even though you are not yet aware they all came from the same person.  And this'll go double if you loved Don Bluth films in the 80's.)

There's no information at all aside from a title, "The Last Christmas", and these incredible frames.  You can't help but wonder what the story is here.  Ah well.  We'll always have "A Wish for Wings That Work".

Speaking of Opus, yes I have heard that Berke Breathed is retiring him.  Again.  This is, like, the third or fourth time.  So yeah.



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