What I want for Christmas

Tis the season, and after dealing with a month plus of xmas commercials even before the elections wee finished has me in the mood to send Santa my list, so here it is Mr. Claus:

ALL MST3K shows on DVD (if nothing else the Joel ones, at LEAST the Gamera episodes)

Playstation 3

Plane tickets to England

Dope to come on tour here

New Venture Bros

Another 100 years of Cub Fan misery

The secrets of electro-magnetic propulsion


That's enough for one year, thanks Santa.


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Well there are many things, but to stay within reason...

TMundo's picture

A vacation and a decent christmas bonus.

I've wished for the same little thing for the past 42 years

Coaster's picture

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a Phasor.

A Zooey under the mistletoe

Rajah's picture

<starts drooling again>

I'd like all the Busted Tees chicks...

michael3b's picture

...to do my dishes. I just can't keep up with it. It's like the mail... IT NEVER STOPS.


And '67 Chevelle SS in a pear tree.

I want...

Wulfgar's picture

...the power to decide who lives and who dies.


And maybe a new hover-skirt...


~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


Crow T Robot is GOD

gamerarocks's picture


I know what I want!

FearlessFreep's picture

A Red Ryder B-B gun!

"You'll shoot your eye out!"


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

I want

RidingFool's picture

a really big weapon to force world peace on all of those fucking warmongers who insist on stuffing the jackboot of freedom and democracy up the asses of innocent women and children.

I want to bomb Monsanto into dust for attempting to pretend to solve the world food problem.

I want to see the Alaska hillbilly's Christmas tree with the partridges tied to it.

I want to get a really, really big airplane, fill it with all the Puppet King's men, and launch it to Argentina, where they all deserve to be, with what's left of the Weimar Republic - before all those creepy Nazis got there.

I want China to hit the stage after only one more economic cycle, not two, as forecast.

I want a really great motorcycle that never needs maintenance so that I might ride the most isolated roads that I can find in North and Central America. Oh, wait. I already have that.

I want a little traveling money.

I want a chiquita who owns her own to ride by my side and cover my back.

I want to cure cancer and heart disease.

I want to have a decent barber.

I want to have a powered glider to take all the chicas for a heavenly ride. Years ago, I amost bought one. I wish I had.

That is all I want for now.

RF- I am almost finished with your gift...It should help with #1

michael3b's picture


I hope it fits.


RidingFool's picture

* takes ball and goes home *

with a stock & a compass & this thing that tells time.

TMundo's picture

yeah, and there he was, red rider himself....

somehow the teacher and my mom were in cahoots!


Guess what movie is celebrating its 25th anniversary?

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