When did you lose your virginity?

< 15 years old
9% (2 votes)
15-18 years old
36% (8 votes)
19-22 years old
27% (6 votes)
23-25 years old
9% (2 votes)
26+ years old
18% (4 votes)
Total votes: 22

Haha, age of 19, to a chubby

Drew_Atreides's picture

Haha, age of 19, to a chubby New York girl.


The cockpit.. what is it?

Oh crap, wait

Coaster's picture

You mean like with someone else?

Do handjobs or quadrupeds

Wulfgar's picture

Do handjobs or quadrupeds count?

~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


There's one answer you omitted

FearlessFreep's picture

"I've never lost my virginity."

Who you looking at?!


The artist formerly known as Zorro.


Cannon Fodder's picture

Look on the 26+ as an optimistic alternative answer. 


Xur's picture

If you click on the 'votes' tab, you can see who voted for what.  Coaster, you dirty dog you!

You're all a bunch of sluts and tramps.

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Your special gift should not be given up on the hood of a car out in the woods somewhere. It should be surrendered in a warm, cozy place, free of flies and bugs, such as a bar restroom or up against a wall in a dark alley. (That's called a knee-trembler, by the way.) Well, that's what someone told me, anyway.

Personally, I'm still waiting for that special someone who will charm the pants off of me and... oh, wait. I don't wear pants. Uhh... personally, I'm still waiting for that special someone who will wine me and dine me and not be surprised to find that underneath the fine linen tablecloth, I'm not wearing pants.

I am not alone!

RidingFool's picture

Thanks to all the gods and goddesses out there!



Hairhead's picture

. . . I finally lost my virginity at 23 (ulp) and immediately decided to make up for lost time. Upon reading this question I decided to estimate the number of times I've had sex since then and, well, it's up around 19,000.

What are you lookin' at?

By way of explanation

Coaster's picture

1. You can either accept that my "vote" was part of the crappy joke I made. 


2. You can believe that I got nearly $1000 for my bar mitzvah from various family friends and relatives.  You can believe that although in the Jewish faith recognizes the bar mitzvah as having become a man in the Jewish faith, I still had one milestone to accomplish before accepting that accolade.  You can believe I had some older friends I played baseball with who regularly took trips south of the border to Ensenada to fish and party.  You can believe that the wives and girlfriends of men who tell them they are going on a fishing trip in Ensenada don't know you can catch all the fish you need (Bonita, usually) in a few short hours.  You can believe that for the second time in a week, I stood proudly and said to mysef in the tradition of the Jewish faith, "Tonight, I am a man."  And the next night.  And the next night.  Oh yeah.  Put my money in savings bonds my ass.  You can believe that.

You decide. 

And I still had enough money left over to buy a used Yamaha dirt bike. 

The General says he lost his

Rajah's picture

When they took away his foreskin

Is it a coincedence that my first time

gamerarocks's picture

was at the same time as my first acid trip?


TMundo's picture

...it is a story in itself, the loosing of my virginity.  All 2 of my acid trips proved unfruitful in terms of ooh ahh pretty colors, as I'd just seem to blank out.

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