Detroit is coming out with a car that gets 34/41 MPG and the trade magazines can't stop wetting themselves over what an accomplishment the 2010 Ford Fusion will be.

Congratulations Detroit; in 30 years you've managed to improve gasoline effeciency by almost 10 MPG.  You want a bailout so you can give us more stupid garbage like lighted cup holders, built-in map readers, heated seats, and the like.  Just an example of doing next to nothing until it's irrelevant.

Until the collection of jackoffs that call themselves auto manufacturers get over the fact that they don't dictates to the buying public anymore any deliver on the promise of the fuel effeciency they epically failed with by finding ways to make the cars of tomorrow today, they don't deserve one penny from the government or the public.  If that means that Detroit has to prostrate itself before Big Oil to come up with a power and infrastructure solution that benefits both, too freaking bad.

Detroit has turned BUY AMERICAN into a word that has synonyms along the lines of 'pathetic', 'joke' and 'incompetent'.  What achieves the status of even worse is rags like Car & Driver and Road & Track gushing platatudes on Detroit for it's actions (or lack thereof).  If i wanted non-objectivity and self-lauding crap I'd watch the Grammy's.


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Until foreign manufacturers

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Until foreign manufacturers demonstrate that they can break the laws of physics with respect to MPG, safety, and weight I'm gonna temper my expectations.  Indiana passed a law truncating pi to 3, too, yet it didn't change.

Most of the US car mags hate Detroit and gush over Japan and Germany.  Dunno what you're reading.


It's ironic that the guy that taught the japanese was american..

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...After WWII, (I'm a little vague on the details)there was a quality control specialist that worked for american car companies. He came up with al these logical theories for car production that would increase thye quality of cars produced. And he was laughed out by the manufacturers. Back then it was all about producing cars that would last a few years and nobody wanted to hear it.

So he went to Japan, and taught the japanese how to make cars using his quality control methods.

Now they give out and award every year in his name.

<wets himself reading this thread>

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Don't worry, I'm wearing  Depends undergarments

He was W. Edwards Deming, I think

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Nipponese Technology.


Edwards Deming

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