Why the Republicans will lose All States

 Sarah Palin. McCain is a war hero, but a flawed one - his performance on an aircraft carrier (covered up by his daddy - now, who does THAT sound like?) nearly finished him. But, a war hero, nevertheless. 


Americans don't get fooled by stupidity. It's that simple. They get tricked by it, sure: it's corrupt, and can win elections, but how many people LIKE Bush? and how long have they NOT liked him. She's too easily parodied, and has nothing.




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If only it were that simple.

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The majority of Americans have proven time and again that they are fooled by stupidity.  Either that, or they endorse it.

It simply is that simple, simple.

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Most of us are dummer than a shoe box full of rocks, or if you prefer a bag full of hammers, and so.... you name it "they" market it that way from GW to HSN

Alone Again

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I don't mean to pry, but I thought maybe when you signed onto the new site, you'd be changing your handle to something like "In Love and Deliriously Happy", or some such.  I know it's none of our business, but how about an update?

I wish I shared your optimism

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McCain is a war hero, but being a war hero doesn't automaticaly qualify someone as a military expert, a foreign policy guru, or as a political leader.  Americans are fooled by stupidity on a daily basis, and flock to pandering.  Fear is always a more powerful influence than hope.  Sad, but true.

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