Yes, I admit it, I'm a Republican

There was a time I had a certain sense of pride saying those words.  No longer.  My party, the Republican party, is a rudderless ironclad.  The engines are at full steam but the propellers won't respond, and that reef known as reality is looming large.  Karl Rove has proven that not only can you win two elections with fear, loathing, lies, hatred, and pure political dogdoo; but you can threaten the very fabric of America.  Wow, that sounds farfetched.  Is it?  I did my own rather unscientific survey at the college I attend over the last few days.  I was looking for McCain supporters, and when I found them I asked them simply what the primary reason was they supported the senator from my neighboring state.  The first answer I got was "Obama's a muslim!".  I heard "Obama's not an American." and "Obama's unamerican." on occassion.  I also ran into "Obama will raise my taxes.", "Obama wants to take my guns.", "Obama's a terrorist cause his middle name is Hussein.", and "Obama's a socialist.".  Now keep in mind I was just gathering information, I wasn't responding, just asking.  But now that I have my top answers listed, I will respond.

1.  Obama is a muslim.  Firstly not true; he's a christian, just ask the people who produce the Reverend Wright ads for Mr McCain.  Secondly, so what is he was?  Is someone's religion of choice a reason not to vote for them?  Have we so quickly forgotten how the sentiment used to run in this country that "We'll never elect one of those damn Catholics!"?  A man's religion is his own business.  How he lives his life in public office is my concern.  Personally, if he let's religion, ANY religion, run his obligation to public office, he shouldn't BE in public office.  (anyone care to look up in that document my party picks and chooses from as frequently as Bible quotes what it says?)

2.  Obama is not an American/Obama is unamerican.  Really?  You think so?  Why isn't Arnie running for president?  He wasn't born here.  You HAVE to be born an American to run for president.  So reason A is reason for the REALLY moronic sector of my party.  Next, if he was unamerican, why does he want to be president?  Americans want to be president.  Unamericans plant bombs in Oklahoma City.  See the difference?

3.  Obama will raise my taxes.  Point one, well if you make more than a quarter mil, yeah he will.  No arguement there.  If you make $250,000 a year your taxes will go up.  Right to where they were during our last economic upturn.  If you make less than a quarter million, your taxes will go down.  Will Obama keep taxes at those leaves?  Go ask him, I don't know.  But guess what; my party elected a president (twice) who spends more money than any Democrat could even dare to attempt and somebody is going to have to pay for it.  If that means taxes have to go up, I'd rather have more of my paycheck disappear than leave my grandkids a big IOU to the Saudis and Chinese.

4.  Obama wants to take my guns.  He does?  Really?  Where does it say that?  When did he say that?  Oh that's right, nowhere.  The NRA decided that because he's a Democrat he must want to repeal the second amendment.  Dear Rush Limburgher; Obama was referring to blacks in this country when he said that the founding fathers 'overlooked' things.  Him saying that doesn't mean he wants to rewrite the constitution.  Personally, I believe that if you feel automatic weapons are necessary for your freedom, you should be forcibly relocated to either Juarez to battle the Mexican cartels, or Utah.  You get to call heads or tails.

5.  Obama's middle name is Hussein.  Yep, it sure is.  And?  What's your reasoning here?  Because he has the same name as the former dictator of Iraq you can't vote for him?  So why are you voting for McCain?  He has the same first name as the man who shot Lincoln.  (Lincoln was a Republican too)

6.  Obama wants to spread the wealth.  EVERY candidate, but running for public office, regardless of the level, wants to redistribute the wealth. What?!?!?!  Yep, that's what taxes do.  They redistribute wealth.  To those programs the elected officals decide are worthy.  When everyone's paychecks go into a company pool and everyone gets the same, THAT'S socialism.  Until then, STFU. 

So why am I writing this?  I'm a republican who's proudly voting for Obama.  I'm tired of the fear, the hate, the ghostly imaging, the fanatical foaming-at-the-mouth, the diatribes, and the utter failure of my party to have the slightest clue what the Republican party stands for any more.  It doesn't stand for religion first.  It doesn't stand for hatred.  It doesn't stand for bigotry.  It doesn't stand for acting in the public's interest only if it happens to coincide with other objectives.  And in 2010, I will be running for office on some level, to in my own way, take back my party from what it's become.



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Most of the arguement are of

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Most of the arguement are of course silly.  The only semi-serious one is the socialist claim, because it's actually true.  It's also true McCain is a socialist, he just redistributes wealth to different people.  In fact, probably most politicians in power today are socialists.

this is a pretty interesting perspective

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I think you really hit the nail on the head.  I'm not conservative but I do believe conservatism has many good and valid points.  However I can't support the Republican party in anyway when they campain solely on lies, fear, and manipulation.  This is disgusting and insulting to me. 

As far as socialist, I believe Obama is a centrist.  Is there a difference between a centrist and socialism?  Maybe so or maybe not, depending on your definitions of these labels.  If you consider an absolute free market with no rules and regulations as a standard of "not being socialism", than any regulations would be a form of socialism.  child labor laws, minimum wage, 40-hour work week, 1.5x's pay on holidays, hospitals forced to treat people who can't pay, medicare, social security,  etc etc.  Those are all forms of "socialism" so either we are all "socialists" or being a centrist is not socialism. 

I wouldn't even say our two presidential candidates farthest to the left who want single-payer health care and paid college tuition are full-fledged socialists.  IMO those two policies are only slightly further to the left of centrist policies.

Are Obama and McCain corporate socialists?  I think thats a different arguement altogether.  If you believe (like I do) that the 700 billion dollar bail-out plus all the other corporate wel-fare we've handed out this year is socialism then by that standard Obama and McCain would be socialists. 

Of Aeons and Archons, Darkness and Light

You're a Republican?

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Isn't there a 12-step program for that?

That was a fine piece of writing and was quite effective.  Just prior to the election, I copied your piece and sent it to those who had recently sent me virulent Obama e-mails.  My doing so added to the satisfaction I got from voting for the man and watching the results. 

Let's hope the era of Rovian smear and fear politics is finally dead. 

Does anyone remember the Reagan quote Palin made..

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At the end of the debate? That was from a television ad Reagan made way back. He was talking about Medicare!

Does anyone remember the Reagan quote Palin made..

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At the end of the debate? That was from a television ad Reagan made way back. He was talking about Medicare!

How did that happen?

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Deja Vu?

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