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Of all places02 years 9 weeks agogamerarocks
Today on the Ricki Lake show: circumcision. Will she use the word 'penis'?02 years 9 weeks agoa_dingo_ate_my_baby
Friday Night Lights - It's going to be a tough choice02 years 9 weeks agoRidingFool
Scrub off the lipstick. Wipe down the makeup. Give it a shorter haircut. By any other name02 years 9 weeks agoRidingFool
Here's my dilemma: I'm hoping for some light comedy entertainment tonight. Thus, will it be12 years 10 weeks agogamerarocks
Big Bird needs our help!12 years 10 weeks agogamerarocks
Whazzawherwhowhenhuh?72 years 10 weeks agogamerarocks
I was a Hoarder before I realized a Family Feud would push me into Livin' for the Apocalypse by02 years 10 weeks agoRidingFool
How to Decorate Your Own Halloween 201202 years 11 weeks agottivy
The DIY Ideas for Halloween Costumes 201202 years 11 weeks agottivy
Am I in a time warp? Did I sleep through the last decade? Was I drunk for 20 years?32 years 13 weeks agogamerarocks
Julie & Julia Caption Contest402 years 14 weeks agogamerarocks
RIP Neil32 years 15 weeks agogamerarocks
Another shout-out to Critico, should he perambulate near these environs: Feliz Cumpleaños, dude.02 years 16 weeks agoWulfgar
Hey History Channel12 years 16 weeks agoelderly_gentleman
The Beaver.....dumbest movie ever! (spoiler)22 years 17 weeks agoRajah
The Octogenarians II, movie-going audience 0 *** SOILED DIAPER ALERT ***02 years 17 weeks agoRidingFool
Coaster was a great disappointment to me when I last visited. He neglected02 years 17 weeks agoRidingFool
"More" dead notwithstanding, I went for the cheap seats yesterday to watch Bernie.32 years 17 weeks agogamerarocks
Batman Shooting.22 years 18 weeks agogamerarocks
Friday night lights22 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
It looks like the site is even more dead now52 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
I was seeking a friend *** SPOILER ALERT ***02 years 21 weeks agoRidingFool
Howdy everybody!32 years 22 weeks agoRajah
Mr. Cranky is still here?52 years 22 weeks agoXur