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A good reason to watch NCIS24 years 17 weeks agoRajah
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TYT : Christians should take over the government - Michele Bachmann and Dominionism14 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
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Dawkins destroys Perry on evolution14 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
Critico, if you're still reading these boards, Feliz Cumpleaños, my friend.14 years 18 weeks agoCoaster
Cowboys & Aliens34 years 18 weeks agoWulfgar
CRANKYLAND DEATH WATCH 2011!!!!!74 years 18 weeks agoWulfgar
Colombiana *** spoiler alert ***14 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
Gaddafi loves Condi04 years 18 weeks agoMissy-Busty
Who is minding the store?34 years 18 weeks agoRidingFool
Conan the Barbarian04 years 19 weeks agoMr.Cranky
The Rules Don't Apply to Me 14 years 19 weeks agoRidingFool
Coaster, I gotsta know54 years 19 weeks agoRajah
Hi Hi Hi!!!!14 years 19 weeks agoRajah
The Wrestler204 years 19 weeks agoRidingFool
You've got to be joking!14 years 20 weeks agoCoaster
Dear Leader's Birthday94 years 20 weeks agoRajah
The Terminal24 years 21 weeks agoRajah
Thank You Tea Party!14 years 21 weeks agoRidingFool
Republicans deliberately sabotage our credit rating14 years 21 weeks agoRidingFool
TYT : Debt Deal Screws Grad Students14 years 21 weeks agoRidingFool
The only "change" Obama has brought about14 years 21 weeks agoFearlessFreep
Smurf movie pitch04 years 22 weeks agoFearlessFreep