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Screw Thor64 years 27 weeks agoCoaster
Bill Maher to GOP : Obama just ate your lunch24 years 27 weeks agoRajah
Canada had an election84 years 27 weeks agoRidingFool
Saw "Rango"104 years 28 weeks agoRajah
Nothing about the republican debate??24 years 28 weeks agoRajah
Question: Why Aren't There Any Black Navy Seals?04 years 28 weeks agoMissy-Busty
Osama bin Laden Killed!!54 years 28 weeks agoRajah
Hey everybody34 years 28 weeks agoMal_Content
Playing God24 years 28 weeks agoMal_Content
Glenn Beck leaving Fox News64 years 28 weeks agoMal_Content
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14 years 28 weeks agoRajah
Limitless64 years 28 weeks agoWulfgar
Dead Crankyland prime for invasion?44 years 29 weeks agoWulfgar
The Company Men24 years 29 weeks agoelderly_gentleman
Musa Kusa214 years 31 weeks agoRajah
Donald Trump for President!!!!!!!24 years 32 weeks agoGameras Girl
I'm at a loss94 years 33 weeks agoFearlessFreep
Elizabeth Taylor, gone but never forgotten54 years 34 weeks agoFearlessFreep
Be afraid. Be very afraid.64 years 34 weeks agoa_dingo_ate_my_baby
The Adjustment Bureau24 years 34 weeks agoFearlessFreep
Witch Hunters hold conference at Harvard24 years 34 weeks agoRajah
Canadian Pilots Refuse To Bomb Libyan Targets14 years 34 weeks agoa_dingo_ate_my_baby
Kung Fu Panties04 years 34 weeks agoelderly_gentleman
Take Me Home Tonight14 years 34 weeks agoTMundo
Cedar Rapids04 years 34 weeks agoMr.Cranky