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Thoughts on recently-seen movies (on Blu-Ray). <MINOR SPOILERS, PERHAPS - BUT NOTHING CRITICAL>34 years 1 week agoHS
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New edition of HUCKLEBERRY FINN coming out54 years 1 week agoFearlessFreep
24: The Movie14 years 2 weeks agoRidingFool
True Grit (the remake)154 years 2 weeks agoHS
Merry Christmas, everyone!44 years 3 weeks agoRidingFool
The early-morning 4 a.m. forum14 years 3 weeks agoRidingFool
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 124 years 3 weeks agoMal_Content
Bad Santa94 years 3 weeks agoRidingFool
HS's (early) 2011 Oscar predictions84 years 4 weeks agoRajah
Rachel Maddow : Liberals Speak, Beltway Media Stops Reporting64 years 4 weeks agoRajah
Seth Rogen as the Green Hornet?24 years 4 weeks agoRajah
Tron: Legacy <no spoilers>04 years 4 weeks agoHS
Extended exposure to Fox News makes voters stupid, university study shows24 years 4 weeks agoCoaster
200 Cigarettes 54 years 4 weeks agoRidingFool