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Dawkins smacks down the Pope24 years 3 days agoRidingFool
Awww!14 years 3 days agoRidingFool
GOLDEN GLOBE Nominations44 years 5 days agoCoaster
Jimmy Kimmel : The Palins and the Gosselins go camping34 years 6 days agoCoaster
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1. <no spoilers>64 years 1 week agoHS
Royal Family of England attacked by zombies24 years 1 week agoRidingFool
Zooey has her own show!14 years 1 week agoRajah
Sen. Sanders to filibuster Obama Tax Deal24 years 1 week agoRajah
Democratic Party has nervous breakdown in public14 years 1 week agoRajah
Seals make electronic music when they think we're not watching...04 years 1 week agoTMundo
Charlie Chaplin for President04 years 1 week agoTMundo
TYT : Is Assange being set up?64 years 1 week agoRidingFool
No doubt this is what Coaster and Riding Fool will be watching this season44 years 1 week agoRidingFool
It's December. It's time for my Christmas wish list yet again.64 years 1 week agoRidingFool
Skyline04 years 2 weeks agoMr.Cranky
Borat54 years 2 weeks agolrbloom
Jackass 3D14 years 2 weeks agoRidingFool
Who's that cute girl in the new Hyundai commercials?14 years 2 weeks agoRidingFool
The girl with the dragon tattoo144 years 2 weeks agoRidingFool
Leslie Nielsen dead at 8434 years 2 weeks agoTMundo
Obama cries for bipartisanship in Thanksgiving radio address84 years 3 weeks agoRajah
Palin is right, we must stand with our North Korean allies!14 years 3 weeks agoRidingFool
TSA Enhanced Screening Procedures Explained84 years 3 weeks agoRidingFool
The seven worst types of college admission essays14 years 3 weeks agoCoaster
Unstoppable24 years 3 weeks agoCoaster