12 year old boy scouts volunteer to give women breast exams

Bless there wittle hearts



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Woman arrested for attempting to breast-feed

RidingFool's picture

in jail. Will the controversy never end?


When breasts are outlawed...

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

... only The Outlaws will have breasts.  Which could make biker bars a heck of a lot more popular with the general public. 

First they want to take away our right to bare arms, and now this.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Assault in the 3rd degree?

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Has anyone ever been assualted with milk, sounds traumatic.  On the other hand, Being a guy, if another guy assaulted me with an equivalent, lets say piss, I'd be pretty, well... pissed.

While I read to Dan, the rest of you

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might want to examine whether long-term breast feeding is an option.


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