127 Hours

Saw Danny Boyle's new film, about the real-life adventures of Colorado mountaineer Aron Ralston, who became trapped under a fallen boulder for six days in a remote Utah desert canyon.

Outstanding stuff.  Expect nominations for Best Picture, Director, Actor (James Franco), Adapted Screenplay, Cinematography, and Sound Editing - these nominations are all but assured at this point.  To me, 127 Hours was a bit remiscent of "Into the Wild," and like that film, you'll want to debate with your friends whether the character was likeable for his brashness and free spiritedness, or just a slightly arrogant, loner douchebag.

Sensitive viewers note that the dizzying "Bourne Supremacy"-style of camerawork is in full effect here - though that actually helps here, for once, instead of hindering the look.  Oh, and Rajah, you might wanna avert your eyes during the infamous amputation scene.  Lots of moviegoers have reportedly fainted while watching said scene. 

It's ultimately a very life-affirming movie, though, and I highly recommend it. 




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