2 New Movies No One Will Ever See

Cohen Brothers "A Serious Man" about Jews in Minnesota

& Jane Campion's "Bright Star" about poetry. 


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Chicks might dig "Bright Star"

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

Since people don't get their fingers chopped off in this one I might watch it.  The other Jane Campion movie I saw most of was "The Piano" (1993).  I marched right out of the theater when the husband used an axe to take off his wife's finger.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Do not see The Yakuza

Coaster's picture

This 1974 movie starring Robert Mitchum raised the expression "Gave him the finger" to a whole 'nother level. 

Too bad for you.  This movie kicks five kinds of ass.  It's my favorite Robert Mitchum movie and that's saying something because Mitchum mad a lot of good movies. 

It wasn't the gore in "The Piano" I objected to

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

It was the heavy handed feminism.  Or maybe in this case light handed feminism.

And by the way why do women enjoy reading these 200 year old romance novels?  To me that's kind of like a black person who enjoys reading books set in the time of slavery.

{;-) Dan in Miami


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I really wanna see A Serious Man

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The trailer is hilarious.

Saw BRIGHT STAR the other day

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It's an excellent love story.


I saw "A Serious Man" today. <MINOR SPOILERS perhaps>

HS's picture

I liked it.  It's basically about an decent Jewish university professor from suburban Minneapolis whose normal life suddenly - and rather rapidly - loses every sense of normalcy when one bad thing after another comes his way.  I've read that his struggles resemble those of Job from the Bible (though I must admit, I'm not very familiar with the story of Job).  The film is *very* Jewish, as our protagonist looks to God and to his rabbis for answers.   I mostly understood the many Jewish references even though I am not Jewish.  I think what it deals with is (if you're religious, which the Coen brothers clearly are) not always understanding what God is trying to tell you, or (if you're not religious) simply not knowing why so much bad shit keeps happening to you, but being able to recognize every possible "way out" when you see them.

Although I think that if non-Jews (and the non-religious) take a chance on the film they may be surprised to find themselves understanding its universal theme, I suspect that few will seek it out.  This film seems very personal to the Coens, and methinks it'll be box office poison to the studio.  Fortunately, the cast of mostly-unknowns prolly helped bring it in for much less money than, say, Burn After Reading.  Anyway...check it out, but beware of the Sopranos-esque non-ending.



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