88 guests on line?

That's the highest I've ever seen


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Rajah's picture

higher still

What's so interesting?

Is it the Busted Tees?


michael3b's picture

Not friggin' bad.  Maybe the Quantum of Solace review got around.  I laughed my ass off at that.


Eh, I've seen it get to over

Mr.Cranky's picture

Eh, I've seen it get to over 300.  Just once for a few minutes though.


Rajah's picture

Hey, join up, become a user!

Could we call it something besides "user"?

Oh yeah, we're on crank

Probably a stumbleupon

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Probably a stumbleupon rush.  It's always good for a lot of traffic.  I'll let everyone know exactly which page all these users were landing on.

OK, "guests"...

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...sign up and post, motherfuckers!


We don't bite.










~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


Please join us!

MadNessMonster's picture

PLEEEEASE!  We'll give you candy!

(OK, we only have Skittles, but still.)


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How about some of those tacky dried fish things you get in Holiday Inn bars?

Now that's good snackin'!

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