Addictive computer game thread

Another game

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Try quitting THIS game!

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I'm now a Farmville addict!

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I get it through my Facebook page.  I'm now at level 8 and have a dozen crops growing, and half a dozen fruit trees.


I LoL'd at a recent FB entry

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"So help me, if you send me one more Farmville invite, I will slaughter all of your cattle."

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speaks for itself

Farmville took my sister

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Seriously we're thinking of an intervention here! She's running her farm, my farm and her daughter's farm. See you have to have neighbor so they can give you stuff so she's her own neighbor. She fills my inbox with stuff she puts on"my" farm.

You can unsubscribe to Farmville notices

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At any rate, I have. (I can get the notices when I play the game.)


TRON is comming

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This is getting scary, their remaking sequels to films that are over 20 years old, first, Wall Street, and now this, what's next? (Ghostbusters 3)

Can't wait for KRULL PART II

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Now I'm into Frontierville

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It's from the Farmville people, but besides planting crops you also get to clear grass, chop down trees and whack critters!


Yeah, I liked that game when it was Origon Trail...

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...way back when.

New Year's resolution

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I'm quitting Farmville and Frontierville. (I reached levels 36 and 49 respectively.) I enjoyed them at the time, Frontierville especially, but it's time for something new.  I may return to Frontierville when they release the Giant Homestead feature.

Now I've started two new Facebook games:  Cityville and Kingdoms of Camelot. (For my avatar in the latter game, I took the name Lord Recceswinth.)



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I've never gotten into any of those games on Facebook (except for Word Challenge, briefly - oh and Geochallenge). 

Hey, there are several Crankylanders on FB.  Just an FYI.


I've joined a Kingdoms of Camelot alliance

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The alliance is called Pandora's Box.

I've named my Kingdoms of Camelot city Camford. (You know how they combined Oxford and Cambridge to make Oxbridge?  I did the reverse.)

Something that bugs me about Cityville is that when you develop a new area you clear it of its trees, than you can add new trees as a decoration. Too bad you can't just decorate it with the existing trees.


But-but you can't quit!

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Your make believe crops and animals will die without you!

Not a problem. That can be taken care of with only a bit of

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