al Jazeera's live English feed from Egypt

So much better than toadying American broadcasters that don't have much knowledge of a situation that has been in development for 30 years. Asshat commentators have foot-in-mouth disease as characterized by a complete reluctance to call Mubarak a dictator.

I can't wait until the networks interview Sarah the Palindrone for her take on the smoking pyres the Egyptian pyramids have become. By all accounts, the smoke should be visible from at least one of Alaska's borders. In fact, she'll probably declare that she can actually see the pyramids.

I heard a former US ambassador to Egypt complain that it was Hillary Clinton's fault.

>>> uncontrollable laughter <<<


A day later, I listened to an alleged CNN "reporter" who nailed it by phoning in his interview from his apartment while outdated video was streamed onscreen.

Now that's a Worldwide Leader in News for ya. Obviously they haven't heard of al Jazeera. Their reporters are actually out in the streets getting dirty. And clubbed.

Oohhhhhh, now more tweets. How exciting. Jesus, is someone, anyone, capable of making CNN relevant again?

In an effort to appeal to Tea Partiers and fundamentalist christians around CNN's Worldwide Universe®, it has broadcast an interview with an Egyptian televangelist. Unfortunately, there were no subtitles to explain what the foaming-at-the-mouth moron was saying. The incomprehensible rant will probably win someone an award for exemplary broadcast service above and beyond the call of duty.

Or, perhaps the chickenshit who phoned in the interview from his apartment will win one of those awards.


Some CNN reporter continues to file reports from his apartment - has temerity to report that he was "actually outside earlier in the day reporting".

My fondest hope is that CNN will bring Nancy Grace into the fold for an unbiased look into the foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim Brotherhood and how abusive they've been towards their own siblings.

Instead, we get John McCain pontificating on how another country should run its internal affairs - not unlike every other media shill in America. Tell me, don't "these people" get tired of listening to themselves babble? Ooooh, he sent a letter. Uh-shure.

When will someone use the word dick-tater?

Can someone make a recommendation for a good plastic surgeon to remove that giant abcess on the top of McCain's shoulders, err, I mean on the side of his face?


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Not to mention Faux News

FearlessFreep's picture

Did you see that a map of theirs labelled Iraq as Egypt?


Pox News does it on purpose.

RidingFool's picture

As distinguished from the others who do it out of utter and complete ignorance.

This will be another test for Obama

Rajah's picture

Can't we for once not come out on the wrong side?

Face it, Mubarak is so over! We don't need to back another dictator!

Catch Mitt Romney's comments on this. He refuses to call Mubarak a dictator, he calls him a monarch instead. What a tweeb!

All I seen was daily show's big point...

TMundo's picture

...american presidents have been buddy-buddy with Mubarak since carter, as Jon Stewart displayed pictures of Carter and all those after him hangin with Mubarak with smiles on their faces.  Why were we friends with this dictator for so long?  Proof positive our government doesn't really care.

A guy I went to school with posted a letter his friend in Egypt wrote about how their local news stations are reporting lies, and about how peaceful protestors were violently attacked by men on horses.

Terrible stuff, Mubar needs to go, but what then? Peace? Or more chaos as the different groups duke it out?

The US can do nothing, as I guess we've been Mubar's ally for so long, and yet somehow I'm glad we will not interfere as our credability sticks and we've gotten ourselves into enough trouble already.


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