All the guest reviews were deleted from the old and new Mr. Cranky?

It kind of looks that way but I don't have a complete list of all the guest reviews in order to make sure. So far I don't see any of mine at either web site. Hey I worked hard on those stupid reviews I wrote!

{;-) Dan in Miami


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Dan, they're still up on Old Cranky's

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I wrote reviews for Shoot 'em Up, Cloverfield, and The Game Plan. They are all still available using the search of Archives on the Old Cranky site.

BUT those reviews don't seem to be available in New Crankyville. And, Jazzdrive noted that user reviews won't be featured but will instead be banished to our blogs. Where's the fame? Where's the love? Where's the glory in that??!!!

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


Coaster, User reviews won't

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User reviews won't be submitted as user reviews. I'd like to form a core team of writers whose reviews will be official Mr. Cranky reviews.

The original Cranky will still be involved, not to worry, but I need to fill in the gaps of when he contributes so there is seamless updating.

I haven't worked out the details yet, but you guys will know when I do.

You mean...

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I'd be happy to submit reviews for video releases...

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...just give em to me for homework, or let me pick some old cult classics. I would have the time if it's videos, going out to the theater? Forget it.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind "homework" either.

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I like helping *^_^*

I'll help...

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...and I promise not to go Hollywood on y'all like I did at 1.0.

Nope. No self-indulgent ramblings from this guy- I have seen the light...yessir...there it is right over there, and... Carol Anne? What the- What are you doing here? Come again? The TV did it? Well Ill be damned! I'd though that the advent of cable did away with that sort of thing...hmmm. Live and learn.

Can Mr. Cranky or Jazzdrive get us press passes?

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Now that would be really cool. And would help a lot in doing timely reviews. Plus we don't get paid much if anything so it would be nice to at least get in the theater for free.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Currently looking into it.

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Currently looking into it. Not promising anything, but we'll see.

Do we still submit reviews to Mr Cranky?

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Or I have the e-mail for Jazzdrive so I could send them to him. Or I guess we can use the contact form at Cranky 2.0.

I haven't written a review in some time and would like to in the next week or two.

{;-) Dan in Miami

How do I get on board with submitting reviews?

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I've been entertaining myself by writing my own cranky-esque reviews.  I'd like to share my wit with the world.

Submitting Reviews

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If you'd like to submit reviews for some classics or other movies on DVD that aren't represented on the site, just use the contact form.  You'll see them posted on the front page if you're selected.

Still working out details for new releases.

Submitting Reviews

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So I guess my review of the atrocity none as Tropic Thunder is not wanted here?  Thats cool.  Here is my opinion on submitted reviews:

I enjoy reading them, however, there is a level of unmatched excitement when I see that Mr Cranky, himself, has posted a review.  I dont want to be bogged down with everyone else's reviews.  But, I do like reading them.  I think there should be a seperate page, other than the forums or blogs, strictly for submitted reviews that have been deemed acceptable for viewing (by acceptable, i mean that they are good or entertaining).

This site just gets better and better Jazzdrive!

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Jazzdrive you have all of our thanks!   Did I butter you up enough?  If so it would be great if our guest reviews could be found in the review index and search engine.

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  I am open to the possibility of small bribes on this question.  Very small.  OK how about all the change I can find under my sofa cushions?





My reviews

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Hey, if it's a legal thing, I'm happy to give permission to put my guest reviews on this site (except Cloverfield - I was hammered when I wrote that.  It sucked).

Let me know if you need another review writer for the site.


I Don't Think it Has Anything to Do With Legalness

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 Its more an issue of sorting out the crap reviews so only the good ones get front page posts. Maybe if a blog review gets enough votes it can become an official one.

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