All hail President-elect Obama!

Historical, unprecedented, etc.  Question is, will jwilson07 pay up to Coaster on the bet they made?  (I 'm not sure how to find the posts from the previous site)


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Gawd, I'm glad this election is over!

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I'm also glad I won't have to endure four years of McCain and Palin

I don't envy Obama in his tough road ahead. He has been handed the worse situation of any president and he's going to have to hit the ground running. Has any president faced more of a severe test? I don't think so!

It's so sad his grandmother missed this day by just one!

I must admit that was a gracious concession speech McCain made

"Has any president faced more of a severe test?"

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Lincoln comes to mind.  He followed the only president who may arguable have been worse than George W. Bush. 

Holy fuck.

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I feel like I've just stepped into a parallel universe.







~I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.~


Good job, US citizens!

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McCain's concession speech

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I thought McCain's concession speech was about the best thing he's ever spoken. I was very impressed. Nice job, John. Very dignified.

Of course, idiots in the audience booed every time he mentioned Obama.

Conversely, during Obama's acceptance speech people applauded politely whenever McCain's name was mentioned.

I was struck by the incredible whiteness of the McCain gathering versus the remarkable diversity of the Obama audience. So many watching McCain had that low forehead "Joe the Plumber" look.

I thought McCain's concession speech was good...

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...he quieted the booing pretty fast.  He said what was needed.

Election Night

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I didn't want to watch, but of course I ended up watching by the end of the night.  Obama won a lot faster than I thought he would, and by a lot more!  They were waiting for the final results from the western states to come in, and as soon as they did, the station I was watching declared Obma to be the next president of the US.  I h still had my doubts.  I was thinking, "Naw, they still need to wait a couple hours to confirm it, right?" But then 15 minutes later, they said McCain had called Obama to concede! 
And at that point it sank in, he really won!  I was freakin out jumpin around.

McCain's speech was good, it didn't seem angry.

Obama's speech was awesome.  I've always heard excerpts of presidential speeches from the past, but I've never actually heard one when it was given, until now.  Obama's acceptance speech was the type of Speech that will be quoted and replayed for decades.

All over the world countries are rejoicing.  It's amazing, France's president already sent a letter to Obama congratulating him, check out this article about world comments, people are really happy america picked obama.


I was made ashamed of the South again today

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Rednecks joking (I think) about getting their guns and heading to Washington. As much as I hated George Bush I don't think I ever joked about killing him. These "people" better watch their mouths now that Obama is president. Am I wrong or aren't there laws in place against people going around and talking like that? There's still a bunch of people in this country that need to grow the fuck up!

Bama heads to 'bama...

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Well I'm happy....

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Seeing that bitch packed off to Alaska was well worth it! I do enjoy the agony some are feeling now. Yes, I'm terrible. Now we'll see if Obama can unite this country but I'm afraid some will never come around. And through it all Obama remains calm. What is this man made of? Better stuff I think.

That's insane...

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...I can't imagine that hatred runs that deep, but thinking of what's been done to blacks and slaves in the past maybe it isn't.

GET WITH IT!! Obama was elected by a landslide!  You'll have plnty of opposition from america and the rest of the world if you even begin to try and pull a stunt like that.

I am so incredibly happy that he won...

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After eight years of senseless corruption, America elects a dependable, sensible leader...

This makes it all worth living through.

They still call it The White House...

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...but that's a temporary condition.

-George Clinton, Parliament Funkadelic.

Went to a bar to watch the results and the speeches.  McCain's would have rung a little less hollow had his campaign not been so disgusting...and if that hateful bitch wasn't standing there seething in all her bitchy hastefulness.  She is about as deep as a skillet.  Hopefully the last 8 years has made her type a political anachronism.  Not holdin' my breath, bro.  But I digress.  Obama gave a decent pitch, and when he walked off the stage with his hand up and head bowed I thought to myself, "its time for you to get old, dude."  I do not envy that guy's gig at all.

We walked outta the bar and down East Colfax, highfiving drug dealers, homeless people, teenage punks, whoever.  It was bedlam.  Car horns were going off incessantly. We passed a shitty little car filled with 4 or 5 African American kids. They were in the process of being ticketed, but they were banging on their windows, chanting "obama".  My girlfriend is a capital L liberal who's worked on some local campaigns. She was drunk and in her glory, waving at traffic and screaming. There was a real sense of...something. Relief? Probably.  We made the rounds downtown and screamed and waved to everybody.  Then went back to my local dive... I played Chocolate City and Stars and Stripes Forever on the juke and went home thinking that this is the ultimate put up or shut up moment for this country in my lifetime.  Weird. Exciting. Scary...America.

"Chocolate City is no dream...Are ya out there, CC?"  

Gamin' on ya...


We're all loving you guys right now...

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