For all you "House" fans...

Here's where your theme song came from:

If you're not familiar with Massive Attack, you should check out the rest of their work.


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Funny, I wasn't even aware "House" had a theme song

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I'm a huge fan of House. But I can't recall a note of their theme song. Shit! I wonder if that means there's something wrong with my brain? Do you think it's fatal? How long do I have to live? Can they rule out Lupus? Damn, I'd better remember to leave a door unlocked on my apartment before I check myself in to Princeton-Plainsboro.

==Coaster (Whooooeeee!) 


Well, since you brought it up...

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Wallee over there somewhere claims to have some kind of a medical background reading reports or somesuch. I consulted with him and got excellent feedback concerning this lump on my elbow. Why not try to get an opinion out of him?

Glad it not just me.....

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Something wrong with the brain? Most likely, on the bright side...not fatal.

Massive Attack, yes, I'm familiar...

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...they's okay, I suppose my earlier experiences with electronic music brought me across their work, but I was never into them enough to buy one of their albums. They had one or two songs I really dug though.


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if i could be like someone on tv..except for James T Kirk...i would want to be like House.

have yo noticed that they only seem to have 4 options on the show?

Lumbar Puncture, Break Into The House, Steroids, Drill A Hole In The Head.

you watch...every least one..if not all.

uhm..and its NEVER Lupus.





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