America - The Grim Truth

As a devout pessimist I admire the writer's dismal views. I too see no hope for America but then I'm a pessimist. Is there no solution but to cut and run?


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Sad, but true

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Americans seem to suffer from the delusion that "We're number one and always will be so the way we do things HAS to be best".  But then again I remember that these are the same retards that elected a chimp for 2 terms so I can't say I'm surprised at America's collective stupidity.  It seems I'm only amazed anymore when a glimmer of reason or intelligence pokes out through the haze.  But hey, we all have our moments, some just have them for a lifetime.

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.



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sometimes comes up with the most cogent diatribes. I must say, having lived on both sides of your fence, that many of the points made in the article are valid. One I do take exception to is the teaching of Engrish. Personally, were I young again, I'd go with Chinese. Without doubt, China will be the next great world power, bar none.

And, since this is a WND article, I can say with some authority that the reason that all of the aliens we have seen in pictures and drawings have sloping eyes is because the UFOs are manufactured and manned by the Chinois future-world.


According to Vonnegut....

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The Chinese will enter into a program of strinking their people down til they're microscopic. Then a new plague will attack earth's people when they breathe in too many chinese.

AFL-CIO Trumka on the difference between Anger and Hatred

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A bit long but worth the listen

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