Amy Addams


She's droolerific!!!!


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Her name has only one "D"

FearlessFreep's picture

Or has she joined the Addams Family? =)


I always add the extra D

Rajah's picture

 In honor of America's ideal family

There is nothing like a double-D

RidingFool's picture

to make the heart beat a little faster.

Here's some real double-Ds for you youngsters out thar.

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Lady Hoggers - four of 'em.



What has this world come to...

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 When every ice road trucking antique picking pawn broking swampdwelling gold mining deadliest catching repossessing pest exterminating bounty hunting lumberjacking redneck gets their own reality show?

Oh no, it's not JUST reality programming

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it's packaged as 'history made every day'.  BULLSHIT.  The History Channel has sold the fuck out and moved their actual programming to H2, which is on those upper channels that cost a bundle for a gaggle of other channels I have no interest in.  History made every day is another way of saying 'Hey you dipfucks will plop your ass in front of the TV and watch things you could watch if you wanted to and hanging out to whatever locale'.  Thanks America

p.s. - History, part of Disney, doesn't associate with anything Nazi, ok fine.  Anyone catch the trailer for Iron Sky yet?  (i think it looks funny stupid interesting)  Hypocrits? 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


The History Channel's no great shakes

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I saw a documentary they made about the War of 1812, which mostly focused on the final battles where the US was under British attack, and ignored the war's first two years, in which it was largely Canada that was being attacked by the US, which failed to translate very favorable odds into the expected conquest.


America hasn't quite settleled in to defeatist mode.

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Yet. But it's coming.

I figure that a country as stubborn as America in its inability to learn from the Russians who were in Afghanistan before them, and the French who were in Viet Nam before them...

Now they're moving into Africa. Good on them. I wish them every success.

Endless war. Ya gotta love it. It's the greatest thing to bring down an empire since endless war.

You forgot

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Ice Pilots.

While we're trashing channels how about SyFy?

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 "Neverland" looks interesting or will it suck like everything else the SyFy channel produces?

As a pensioner, I personally am affected by nothing

elderly_gentleman's picture

above channel 13 on the dial - other than having to get up off the barcalounger to rotate the dial all the way back to 2.

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