And this is from a conservative blogger ( Balloon Juice).....

......lamenting how the supposed liberal press and the Republicans are intent on screwing every Obama initiative to dig the US out of the hole that they dug over the last 8 years.  Frankly, your country is fucked.


***Quite literally, everything in this country is melting down, we are in two wars we can not afford, the market is dead, the jobs market is horrible, we are probably going to foolishly dump trillions into more bad banks, no one has any money and the economy is so bad that IBM is working to send out-of-work employees to India to find jobs, large portions of Appalachia are still frozen over and without power, and, it turns out that for the past eight years our entire food system in the United States has been completely and wholly unregulated, and the village and the GOP are back to business as usual.***




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This surprises you?

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I have great sympathy for the U.S. and its problems. Unfortunately, they don't seem willing nor able to commence making the effort to dig themselves out of the hole they've been sitting in for the past 8 years. It's only going to get much, much worse for them over the long haul. Short term, it's going to be unbearable.

There will have to be massive cuts to services, unprecidented for them. Banks will have to be government-owned to remain financially viable. The military and foreign adventures will have to be drastically scaled back. Unemployment will remain at record levels for years. Safety nets will collapse under the burden.

And on and on.

Am I being too negative? It remains to be seen, but it doesn't look good. Politically, the Republicans will remain their obstructionist selves, and we all know what that means for the Democrats.

Already the MSM is bucking the government line, thinking that their bread and butter lies elsewhere. They too are in for a rude awakening as more and more desert the party line they spout and start to think for themselves.

Oh well. *shrug* What's a person to do but hunker down and strengthen the fort and buy guns and ammo and toilet paper and MREs for the conflagration to come.

None of this surprises me

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We have a opportunity for real change here but I doubt people will rise up to bring about this change. Sure people are angry about this but they don't know in which direction to direct that anger or what the hell to do about it. For too long the people have been manipulated into shifting the blame horizonally. It's the poor people who want homes, no it's those darn unions, no it's those illegal mexicans we let into the country, no it's the blacks who are bring us down and so on and so on. You know who's to blame, you've known all along. We need to shift the blame vertically to those fuckers at the top. They're the ones that brought us down with their get even richer schemes. While they have us fighting amongst ourselves they've been getting richer and richer and now they've screwed the whole system up. And who does the government help when the shit hits the fan? Why they help the very people who brought us into this mess in the first place. They say we need these people. I find myself asking why? Wouldn't it have been better to let these people fail and jump out the window or blow their brains out? Wouldn't we be better off without these mother fuckers? Aren't they the true drain on society?

What kills me is how the

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What kills me is how the Right is whinging on about how the stimulus bill won't do any good, as if the money won't pay for goods and services, directly and indirectly creating jobs, like the Obama Administration is just going to dump it into an active volcano or give it away to pixies who will spirit it off to stuff the Faerie Queen's bed.




Why can't the lot of these morally-diseased anally-inbred malodorous socially-irresponsible lying mendacious obstructionist fuckwit cocksmokers simply step off the curb into the paths of SUVs filled with bankers (whilst juggling bottles of nitroglycerine) and solve three-fifths of our goddamn problems right there?

~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


What did we really expect?

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Obama can reach out to them but he'll more likely  draw back a stump. It's politics as usual for them. They're already thinking about the 2010 and 2012 elections. Did anyone think they were going to actually do some work for the American people? All they want is to get their grubby wittle hands back on the White House and Congress. Again they are only playing to their base. They are trying to make it appear they are looking out for the taxpayers. People need to remember who these people really are. They're all for deregulation and unaccountablity. Blocking Obama will make them heroes to some but in the end nothing will get done. Obama is going to have to make some bold and perhaps unpopular moves to get this economy going again. The Right needs to decide if they are going to be a help or a hindrance.

But what can "we" do about it?

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Obama and his boys have their work cut out for them, but what can individuals do as a solution to the economy, collective or uncollective.

Do I:

a) High tail it to Brazil.

b) Pray to God in the name of Jesus.

c) Make samiches, AND THEN EAT THEM!!!

d) Pull a bunch of blankets over myself and then hope for the best.

e) Plan for the war I'm going to have with the ants in my house that have gone dormant for the winter.

f) Shop and spend as much as possible to boost the economy.

g) Act stupid in public.

Those that know me here know that I'll be praying. I'd like to high tail it to brazil but I don't see that as a solution to the problem at hand. Aside from praying though, which is important, what can an individual do to help out?

Shoot a banker

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