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For all of the largely undeserved crap they take, this is amazing.


Impeach Jim Gibbons!


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Wow, they're like the Energizer Bunnies of Mars!

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Take a licking and keep on ticking!

That's a Timex you!

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Energizer bunnies keep going and going until the marketing company runs out of jokes.

Gamera, tell us more about Jim Gibbons

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I just know that he's governor of Nevada and some people consider him the worst governor in the US.


Where to start, where to start

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Let's see, his wife has accused him of adultery and demanded a divorce, he was charged with 'alleged' sexual assault of a woman he escorted to her car, he makes egregious budget cut recommendations focusing on education (primarily higher education [34%] in a state that already is in the bottom 3 in the nation in education while increasing government spending, no-bid contracts to friends/campaign contributors, confirmed allegations of bribery, undeclared donations to his legal defense fund founded to defend his 'activities', employing a nanny who's an illegal, plagiarizing a copyrighted speech, shady/suspicious land transactions and dealings with mining companies on federal land, various attempts to get the Yucca Mountain project without citizen consent, supports an amendment to the state constitution for school prayer, and lastly averages less than 6 days actually in his governors office.  (i'm sure I missed more than a few, these 'sprung' to mind)

Do I think these on there own are reasons to impeach this moron?  No, individually whether I support them or not they don't stand up.  Collectively?  It almost defines a corrupt unconcerned carpetbagger.  Maybe Illinois would like him?

Impeach Jim Gibbons!

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