And you guys think Palin is dumb??

"When the stock market crashed, Franklin Roosevelt went on TV and he talked to the American people."  -- Sen. Joe Biden in September 2008.

Holy. Crap.




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FDR wasn't president when the stock market crashed

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And tv hadn't been invented yet

Gosh Dano, you're awfully picky!

Maybe Obama should ask McCain where he got that ball gag he got for Sarah



Actually TV Was Invented By Then.

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Of course, had Franklin Roosevelt been able to get to a TV studio to talk to anyone, Philo Farnsworth would probably have been the only one on the receiving end (not to mention that Herbert Hoover was president when the stock market crashed).


I think what Senator Joe (heh, he's my senator dontcha know) meant to say that when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor, Franklin Roosevelt talked to the American people.



Come now, Dano, nobody said she was dumb

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Just inexperienced, clueless, irrational, and dishonest

The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

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Those bastards!

Okay, Farnsworth invented tv in 1928

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Palin is ignorant, corrupt, and mentally disturbed

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But I would never suggest that savvy, satanic bitch is dumb.

Nor would I be silly enough to suggest that the highly intelligent Joe Biden is dumb because of a single slip.

Although, I'm sure McCain might have during his debate with Obama...if he hadn't chickened out, of course.

- - - - - - - -

As for it being ridiculous for FDR to have been on TV:

The Question:

Who was the first president to give a televised speech? My daughter answered FDR but her teacher says Truman. I have found several web sites, including The History of Television, that says FDR. I need a definitive answer. Please help.

The Answer:

We'll do our best to set the record straight.

According to our sources, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to speak on television. Roosevelt spoke at the opening session of the New York World's Fair on April 30, 1939. (InfoPlease)




You guys are too harsh on Palin. Her grasp of the situation

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is compelling, to say the least.

"...our next door neighbors are foreign countries...

Really? Name one.

My greatest hope

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is that Obama will attend the debate, the networks will show an empty podium, the modertors will either ask the questions or hem and haw and then cancel the thing on-air, and Obama will jet off to Washington immediately afterwards to show 'em all how it's done.

Is it possible that he and his handlers are that smart?

Alternatively, the networks might arbitrarily cancel the thing to pull the rug out from under him. We all know that network owners don't want a Demodumb government.

A "slip"???

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A slip?  For an average high school grad who got a B- in history, yeah, I can see mixing up Hoover and Roosevelt and forgetting when TV became widely available as a mass communication tool. 

For a politician (a DEMOCRAT no less, who went to college and law school) to mix up the patron saint of Democrats with the poster child for Republican ineffectuality?  It would be like a Republican mixing up Carter with Reagan. 

Of course I don't think he's stupid.  But for all the blabbing about McCain's age, Biden has shown far more signs of Alzheimers so far.

Has there ever been a VP nominee to publically state that he wasn't the best choice?  Before Biden I mean.

And I'm with you guys - If McCain isn't at that debate, then he doesn't deserve to win.  Smells of a cheap stunt to me.  I don't like it.

McLame is simply scared to debate Obama.

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This is blindingly obvious!

McCain's made quite a few slip-ups as well, no?

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...he's had to have lieberman come to his aid, correct?

     On a side note, I really don't care who slips up where.  McCain's been a Bush supporter, and Bush and his crew have trashed this country.  I fail to see how Bush has a 33% approval rating while McCain, who has supported Bush's decisions 90% of the time, is at 50% in the polls.

The Republicans are now exaggerating wildly.

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Joe Biden makes one mistake and it's the end of the world! And that's especially pathetic when all you have to do is look at the lies, distortions and just plain idiocy spewing forth from the McCain campaign. There is so much crap coming from McCain that even some prominent conservatives are starting to gag.

Well, I can't speak for everyone...

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but I never said she was dumb. Never even thought it. Dangerous and scary, yes. Dumb or stupid, not so much.

One theory is that she may, in fact, be the AntiChrist. This appeals to me on several levels of irony, although, when all is said and done, I would prefer not to die when she assumes the presidency.

Oh, I dunno. I think she's a little bit dumb.

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Let's look at it relatively.  How often, of late, has Sarah Palin been the dumbest person in the room?  So yeah, maybe she is smart enough to fake it, but that's still kind of dumb.



It was a dumb thing for Biden to say

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I'm sure if given more opportunities Palin could come up with some real boners

^^^ Hey, that has a double meaning! COOL BEANS!

As a matter of fact, yes, I do.

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Not sure if more needs to be said.

Best regards, Wally

I believe we can all thank Dan "Potatoe" Quayle

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For lowering the bar. 

And amazingly, it was the smart Bush who did that to us.

I think it's a combination of her being underqualified &...

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...the media wanting to prove that point.  They are using some of the biggest words I've ever heard used in a media interview in some of the most complex economic questions I've ever heard.   However, you've got to expect that since she's underqualified the media will do that to prove that point.  Biden could answer those questions, but they won't ask him all of those questions and drill him because they already know he knows the answers to them.

No, Sarah's not dumb, she's just underqulified.  I think McCain used her.  I do kinda feel sorry for her.  She did say yes though, yes if McCain thought it would help his election.  I'm sure she was so honored she didn't think about how they would drill her with tough questions.  I'm sure she knew she was underqualified but just wanted to give it a try.

The economy is one thing nobody but Bill Clinton seemed to have answers to in his recent appearance on the Daily Show.  Catch the rebroadcast if you can.


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even though i KNOW she would then eat my head...then my soul.

like a kind of Satanic praying mantis

Compared to Biden, apparently so

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Are you aware that Joe Biden has done over 80 interviews with the press since his nomination?  In all those interviews, his misstatement of an event was the best gaff the Republican Slime/Smear/Fear Machine could come up with?  Let's compare this "extensive" collection of Biden's flubs with the single interview that Caribou Barbee did with Katie Couric.  At one point, Palin rambled incoherently for five minutes, sprinkling her stream of barely consciousness with Repubbie talking points that had no bearing at all on the question Couric had asked her.  Geez, man!  I saw the clip of that interview on CNN and I thought they were showing Tina Fey in an SNL skit (Wallee provides a link to Couric-Palin segment below). Are you embarrassed for her yet?  Palin has done 4 or 5 interviews to Biden's 80+ interviews and each one of hers was chock full of terminally blond moments.  Copared to Palin, Biden looks like Abraham freakin' Lincoln.

I don't think there's any way the Republicans will allow her in the same room with Biden, let alone allow her to debate him in a widely viewed public forum. 

Coaster's Prediction: The Veep Debate will be canceled for whatever the best reason is that the Republican Party can rationalize at the time. 

 If picking Palin to be "one 72-year-old heartbeat away from the presidency" is an example of the experienced leadership McCain will practice in the Oval Office, God help us if he's elected. 

Boy do I hope you're wrong.

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The VP debate is something I've been smacking my lips over pretty much since running mates were selected.


Of course, the media is now playing up the "how will Biden handle a female opponent" story.  Because, you know, if his statements are factually correct, but his counterpart has tits, the media says that you and I will think Biden is mean.  So get ready to have your opinion settled for you:  Biden is a big, smart, informed, well-spoken meanie!

And as much as I hate to feed into the endless fucking loop of soundbytes and manufactured "stories", I do wish Obama had picked Hil - for many, many reasons.  I know, I know, if Obama picks Hil, McCain doesn't pick Cariboo barbie (heehee) but oh my goodness would I love to see that debate.  I would pop some popcorn, get high, and watch a brilliant woman take that redneck squaw and just fucking shred her.  Just obliterate her and wipe that stupid fucking blank-eyed smile off her stupid, woman-hating face.




Well, Marion, I was wrong

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Funny thing is, I don't think I've ever looked forward to being wrong this much before.

Palin's folksy stories and generalizations that she's so fond spouting in place of specific answers may have worked in the boonies, but she'll look like an idiot if she tries that tonight. This woman who couldn't give Katie Couric a straight answer to the question of what magazines she reads ("I read all of them, uh, you know, whatever crosses my desk") will find herself trying to keep up with a man who's been on his 'A' game for 28 years. The only question she will be capable of competently and completely answering is "Can you please tell us about all the Republican Talking Points you've been taught for the past two weeks?" I doubt Gwen Ifil will play that tune.

I'm having polish sausages with chili, cheese, and onions tonight. The Veep Debate is going to be my dessert.

I worry

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Will it be a fun game of expose the dumbass, or will it morph into the unfun, squirmy, it's-too-scary-to-think-about game?

I just hope the questions are pin-point specific.  When Palin does her blustery-evasion bit, I hope Biden dissects her crap and makes it plain enough even for the birdbrains to see she doesn't know fuck all about anything.

But if they're not there already, I don't suppose they ever will be.





I'll bet she blurts out a long stream of Supreme Court cases...

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While she's fumbling to answer an unrelated question. I really wonder how they coached her for this debate.

Maybe they'll have her wear one those shock collars so they can give her a good jolt if she starts rambling

The 1st question of the Veepbate...

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...should be, "How old is the earth?"  Any answer that includes "believe" or "thousand" should result in an automatic disqualification.

Looks like a "secret" interview with Palin has leaked.

A Hillary vs Palin debate would be a wet dream!

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Men love to watch cat fights!

But alas that will never be unless McCain becomes president and croaks a few months in. Then it would be horror of horrors President Palin debating Hillary in the next election. That is if there is another election and still a United States of America then.

Biden doesn't need to attack her in the upcumming debate. All he has to do is let her talk. The more she opens that big fat mouth of hers the worse she'll be.



Alaska hillbilly,

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I think, pretty much sums up the problem.

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