Another sample nailed, the weirdest one yet!!!

Orbital - Know Where To Run

Fastforward to 1:24


Fastforward to 1:24


Same sample



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Whatsa matter, nobody wants to critique my comment?Or post yours

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...Eraserhead has been sampled by multiple musicians and groups alike, but the first time I saw this scene in the film, I immediately said, "Orbital."

It's weird when you've already become familiar with the song, and then you here where the sound comes from originally.

Anyone else got any examples?

When you said "Eraserhead"

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I considered that a warning.  

Blue Velvet is as sick as I want to get on the David Lynch scale.  I loved that movie, but Eraserhead is about enjoyable to me as a cup of warm vomit and about as cinematically plesing. 

Hey Coaster, you're a father

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You should enjoy Eraserhead

It's all about fatherhood and stuff

You gotta admit it features a cute baby!

Eraserhead is boring, I'll give you that...

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...and that's about all I'll give you, any cinematic expertise is overlooked due to the slow pace of the film and it's uneventfulness, although it has comedy hidden in many spots, it is still, not fast paced enough to keep me interested.

Blue Velvet is a work of art, but you're right, that is as far as I'm willing to go in liking a Lynch film.  That and Dune I guess.  I guess I prefer a restrained Lynch.

It really comes down to the fact that the guy is a sicko, and if you watch enough of his films you'll likely come across one that'll damage your head so bad you'll end up throwing all of em away as I did.  Let that be a warning to you.

Well, ever since I saw Blue Velvet

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I've taken to carrying around a bottle of nitrous and I keep me a sweet little sex slave.  But other than that, I've not been affected by Lynch. 

I never saw Eraserhead...

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...nor The Elephant Man, for that matter.  Heard the former sucked and the latter was quite brilliant.

That said, Lynch is very hit-or-miss.  Almost all his films are oddities, and sometimes the strangeness works, sometimes not.

Blue Velvet = brilliant.

The Straight Story = a simple, wonderful film that should've found a larger audience.  Rated G, btw.

Mulholland Drive = star-making performance by Naomi Watts, but an editing disaster. 

Dune = hated it, and the book too, for that matter.

Wild at Heart = one great scene in which a dog runs off with a human hand in its mouth.  Otherwise, a mess.



Why don't you guys just admit it, you don't get Lynch

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Erasehead is key to understanding Lynch, everything springs from there. Remember the part in Blue Velvet where the camera goes inside the severed ear? That's straight Eraserhead. I will have to disagree with Coaster, I don't think it's a sequel to National Velvet.

Dune was a masterpiece except it was way more gross than it needed to be and there's nothing in the books about that sonic weapon.

Elephant Man would have to be the most acceptable of all the Lynch films. Although gross it did show alot of humanity.

In Wild At Heart Willem Dafoe gets his head blown off, how can ya not like that? Nicholas Cage's Elvis impersonation does get a bit old though.

Oh I get it alright, but maybe that's the problem...

TMundo's picture see, Lynch is very straigtforward, people try and think too symbolically about some oif his stuff, and albeit, it can be abstract, but their are points that are meant to be interpreted as they are.

In a nut shell, here is my critique/summary of his work

Eraserhead -- Henry is forced to marry his ex-girl Mary by Mary's mother (who is turned on by Henry.) Mary can't can't hack it due to unexplained sexual reasons so she leaves.  Henry kills the baby then electricutes himself thinking he'll get out of life and go to heaven, but I think he ends up in hell.

Elephant Man -- Never finished watching it, but a respectful biography with sureal scenes and juxtaposition as usual.

Blue Velvet -- The best cinematography I've ever seen. The protagonist was abused by his father, and the whole movie plays out in his head, or does it?  Both interpretations can be true at the same time, why take one over the other?  When a boy hides in his parents closet, and hear's heavy breathing, it must be a tank of nitrous.

Wild at Heart -- What could have been a good film about starcrossed lovers that pays homage to other films along the way becomes a dirty, uncomfortable mess as the story becomes lost in too many lynchisms.

Lost Highway -- He couldn't get it up so he killed his wife and gets the chair.  During the electricution he tries to go back and imagine his wife is still alive and their relationship is intact, this doesn't work, so hecompletely re-invents himself, but that doesn't work either, it keeps on going back to the same problem, he's in the electric chair and he's going to die, or is already.

Mulholland Drive -- A jilted lesbian kills her girlfriend and then herself, minutes before death she has a dream about how things should have been, but in the end, she can't forget what really went down.  Homage is paid to different genres of hollywood throughout the film, and the grand message is that hollywood destroys people.

Dune -- Awesome sci fi flick limited only by the fact that lynch wasn't permitted to put eveything he wanted to into the flick.  The film should have been done in two parts, but was hacked short as one film and was too hard to swallow for most.

Twin Peaks Movie Pre-quel -- Fuck this movie, this was the most awefully insulting film I've ever watched.

Inland Empire -- An actress falls in love with a character in a film she's in. Likewise, the character falls in love with her.  Dimentions cross as the line between reality and film is blurred.  Unfortunately the line between understanding a movioe and not understanding a movie is also blurred and nobody can tell what the fuck is going on in this film, but that's the jist of it.

Never saw the straight story, it was a Disney film if I remember correctly.

Anyway, at some point in every lynch film, the awful truth comes through, and the awful truth about lynch is that he is a demon possessed evil man masquerading as an artist/filmmaker.


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