Any movies you're looking forward to this fall?

 I for one am eager to see Bill Maher's snarkfest RELIGULOUS.


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Not many, but a few...

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...among them Religulous, Quantam of Solace, Valkyrie, and possibly The Day the Earth Stool Still, though I'm not sure who stars in this remake or what the buzz is.



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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, W, i would have to think of others.

A few

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Looking forward to several already named (the new Bond and BB, especially) - curious about "The Road", "Defiance", and as the proud owner of a female reproductive system, I am excited for "Australia".

Benjamin Button

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I dunno.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button has the stink of Edward Scissorhands weirdness all over it.

About "The Day The Earth Stood Still"

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Stars Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly.  Has Kathy Bates and John Cleese.

You never really know with Keanu.  Haven't heard (read) anything either way.


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I've been bombarded by all things Bush for the past ten years. I'm sick of Bush. I love my country more than you know and I hate what he and his epic failure of a presidency have done to it on so many levels. I'd rather sit through back to back screening of From Justin to Kelly, Freddy God Fingered, and a root canal than be subjected to five more minutes of our incurious bull in a china shop vision-driven petulant monument to  incompetence.  Did I mention that he looks like a chimp?

The Time Traveler's Wife and Inkheart.

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I'm sure I'll be seeing The Time Traveler's Wife more than once, if it's half as good as the book.

You should see Freddy Got Fingered

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its pretty funny.

I'm anxiously awaiting The Women

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to pop up at the Movie Mill.

Now that I'm back in relative isolation in the arctic, I don't have access to all of the art  houses I had for six years. Damn but I do miss that. Well, that, and the girls and the blue sky and the Baja, et al.

Life is short. Live it while you can.

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