Anyone know of any free music mixing software where I can...

...overlap the end of track one over the beginning of track two and then burn the whole thing to a CD.  Again, the mix could have 12 tracks, each one overlapping the other, not a CD mixed as one track.  Kinda like whaty pro-tools does but for free.


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Audacity has been recommended and seconded.

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You'll be thrilled to know I reposted your request in the forum listed below.  I used that forum because they get around 1200 posts per day (compared to the four we get), and many of it's users are quite savvy when it comes to music and computers.  As you can see, it took me only 9 minutes to get an answer.

My God have mercy on my soul. 

Talk is cheap, padre.

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My God have mercy on my soul.

Thanks Coaster this place always come thru when I have questions

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I don't know how, but I've gotten a majority of my tech questions answered here.  A good amount by RF.  And a few by others.

I too

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have had the audacity to use Audacity with quite a bit of success. I think you'll be happy with its abilities.

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