Anyone up for the midnight showing of Star Trek?

Should be fun.  Though the trailer itself isn't great, the film is getting amazing reviews where it counts - 5 stars on, 95% on Rottentomatoes, etc.

Coaster, I *KNOW* you're down for this.  If the late showtime is a problem, just call in sick tomorrow....




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"Hell Yeah!" I thought when I read your post title in "Activity"

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Alas, my wife and I just now returned from Norman and my son's poetry reading.  Also, since we saw THIS REVIEW*, our enthusiasm has been dampened a bit. If Tulsa had had a midnight showing of Star Trek, I would have been happy to tell my son, "Sorry, but I'd rather sit naked on a belt sander than travel two-and-one-half hours both ways to listen to a dozen pretentious amateurs regurgitate their egos."  But Tulsa, it seems, had no midnight showings.  THE FOOLS!   Ya know, though, it seems I've suddenly had a doctor's appointment reschedule itself for 11:15 AM tomorrow.....


*First posted by Rajah

BTW, my wife & I dined this evening at the Rajah Thai in Norman.  Rajah, you OWE US BIG TIME!!!

Yeah, how was the pussy?

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Rajah Thai cooks their pussy with a secret blend of eleven herbs and spices



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I think I will wait a few days for the crowds to thin out. Swine flu & all that. I've heard that Trekkies have very poor sanitary habits - they don't wash their hands after going to the bathroom. What about seeing this in IMAX?

Same as a regular theater, except

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the Swine Flu germs are four times larger.

Well, swine flu or not...

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...I enjoyed ST immensely.  This film *completely* reimagines everything from 10 previous films and 5 previous TV series, in much the same way that Casino Royale rebooted the Bond franchise from scratch.  You'll certainly recognize personality elements for Kirk, Spock, Bones, Uhura (a very foine Zoe Saldana), Sulu, Chekhov, and Scotty - if not physical and vocal stylings as well - but that's about it.  And the film is better for it.  Oh, and it looks and, especially, sounds, awesome.




Oh yeah?

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Well, Mrs. Coaster and I enjoyed it more than you, I'll bet.  The lady we went with last night was already seeing it for the second time.  She's the kind of fan who knows the names of the film crew that worked on the previous Star Trek films.  You know....scary.  I'll no doubt see this film again while it's still in theaters.  That's the highest Coaster Compliment© any film can garner. 

I think it'll be sold out where I am...

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...I could fandango it but, maybe the late show will show promise.

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