maybe someone can explain to me how to insert a photo here.

cuz i am a bit of a Luddite..

but..i am HOT...and i want Terribella to touch herself when she sees my hotness.


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I touch myself

RidingFool's picture

just imagining your hotness.

Go to

Rajah's picture

When it gives you the URL copy the one for forums by clicking and paste it in the insert pic thingy

It's so simple even a rajah can do it

And here is what I imagine:

RidingFool's picture

Rage, what happened to your old pic?

Terribelle's picture

I thought you said that was really you?   Whoever it was, he was darn cute.

Btw Raj, is that Harry from Harry and the Hendersons?   My sisters and I used to be in love with that big sweet hunk!


Rajah's picture

Everytime my nieces and nephew see Harry and the Hendersons they say "There's Uncle Jeff!"


Terribelle's picture

For my Silly Question Of The Day, I'm gonna ask my students how many of them have seen the movie Harry and the Hendersons.  I hope I see lots of hands flailing about, cuz Harry was one cool, sexy bitch.

OK...Terribella...Since I Cant Figure It Out..

Rageoholic's picture

and the demand has been overwhelming.

just go here..this is the real me.

let the touching begin.




Finally! Free for all! A pic of me in my room in the basement:

RidingFool's picture

Added bonus: I'm not wearing pants.

All right now ladies, don't go getting all sentimental and shit.

Damn Fool!

Rajah's picture

You've really let yourself go! The last time I saw you you were fit as a fiddle

But I'm not one to talk. Here's a recent picture of me

If it doesn't exist, it ought to...

Drew_Atreides's picture

There's Harry Potter fanporn...

Why not... Harry and the Henderson's Fanporn?

Lithgow's not pleasing his lady in bed..  Lucky for Mrs. Henderson, a tall, dark, handsome stranger has JUST shown up on her couch....

He may have tics and fleas, but....It only adds to that thrill of BREAKING TABOO...



The cockpit.. what is it?

Exxxxxxcellent, Drew

Terribelle's picture

And speaking of Lithgow, I adore that beast.  TV Land is *finally* showing re-runs of Third Rock From The Sun.  


Okay...just for you... We'll

Drew_Atreides's picture

Okay...just for you... We'll write in a scene where Lithgow stumbles onto Harry and Mrs. Henderson in the sack.. At first he is REVOLTED....but then....he finds himself....strangely aroused...


You can imagine they probably fix the cable at this point.


The cockpit.. what is it?

With those big feet....

Rajah's picture

Harry's wang must be huge!

Oh, "Third Rock" rocked!

I like Lithglow's work in "The World According to Garp". About the only good thing in that movie unless of course you count the kid getting his eye poked out while his mother was sucking cock.

The pic of Rageaholic that he had trouble posting. No joke.

Coaster's picture

The Real Ragey

 The Real Rageaholic!


Ragey, in case this pic doesn't have the desired affect on the fairer sex, below are a few items you might be able to use to improve your luck. 

Tool Kit for the Rage Man

It's okay.  No need to thank me. 

Can I get one of those masks?

RidingFool's picture

I think it'd make me look h-a-w-t!

Do you want a cape to go with that?

Rajah's picture

You'll look real gay, I mean hot!


Negatory on the cape.

RidingFool's picture

It would feel like I was wearing pants.

The mask would add to the shabby mystique of me in my basement bedroom.

Aww Thanks Coaster!

Rageoholic's picture

yes..i am technically ungifted...but i DO get laid alot.

Here's Ragey with two of his gals

Rajah's picture


TMundo's picture

...I didn't see the rocky horror annual tv rolling this year.  Along with many others, the tv stations went light.

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