Apple boycotts Fox News because of Glenn (Batshit Crazy) Beck

I don't see that as a problem for Apple

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since the vast majority of Faux news aficianados have no credit scores, no IQ and little interest in learning how to think for themselves in order to function in society in a meaningful way - as in closing their mouths to stop drooling.

Remeber when news was news?

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I don't, I'm probably too youbng to remember.  Anybody out there remember when shock value and political views weren't part of the deal?

He canada, is it true what michael moore said in B for C about mundane news about new speedbumps being the norm in canada?


Well I think I do

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I always had the impression when watching Mr Cronkite that I was getting information rather than opinion.  Granted I was much younger, barely out of the egg, but I remember watching Walter nightly with my parents and looking back having a sense that what I got was news, a worlds worth in a short span, but news none-the-less. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


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