Apple's new I-Pad

is it more absorbent and does it come with wings?

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I'll say what I said on FB...

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...did I just say FB? (oh no)

Q: Anyway, So why's the I-Pad better, why should I get one?

A: Because you can get the paper on it, look on the internet, send E-Mail, watch TV.

Q: My computer does that.

A: But this is portable.

Q: So are cell phones, and they do the same thing.

A: Yeah, but the screen on the I-Pad is bigger, and it's still portable.

Q: So are laptops, and they have keyboards.  So again, why spend 499 or more on a gadget that does the same thing all the other ones do?

If you want an iPad that will connect to the Internet

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It will cost you $829, not $499. 

The iPad will be huge with

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The iPad will be huge with the baby boomer generation who just want to surf the internet without having to worry about whether their computers printer drivers are taking up too much CPU cycles.

This thing will be eventually be huge. Heck, it's the perfect computer for my mom.

You have a point...

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...a computer that only surfs the net with afew add-ons, less complicated.  So it's like a computer for people who don't know how to use computers.

That vaginal firewall sounds kool!

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I mean HOT!

Why the I-Pad is such a good idea

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