Are you sh!tting me?

If I was fired from my current job, because I served over 6 years in the same position, I would be given a severance package of 1/3 my actual salary.  The longer you serve the more you get.  I understand the need of severance packages.  I think it is important aspect of any job you have to give you something to tide you over until you can get another job.  However, I have to draw the line when a severance package is given at the expense of the worker bees.  Your company goes belly up and the government has to bail you out and the head of the company gets to walk away with $30 million while the rest of us lose our life savings?  How can this be justified?  Are you sh!tting me?  Somebody out there help me to understand this. 


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You've never heard of "The Golden Rule"?

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If you have the gold, you make the rules.

Welcome to America.

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Rule number one to life in corporate America -- your company isn't run for the benefit of the worker bees. If it were they would have implemented regular lap dance breaks on the assembly line.

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