Arm and Hammer's link with communism

Blah, blah, blah.......communism.......blah, blah, blah.........

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Just looking back at the seriousness of two opposing governments that never fought because the so-called threat imploded on itself is funny and yet, it isn't to think that so much time was wasted, so much manpower used, and so many lives ruined over the fear of a form of government that doesn't work so why care so much.  And yet we still have that place over by Castroland, anyone care to tell why?

Why do we not do business with Cuba but everything is made in China, why?

Why do we care if other contries are communist if communism, as a form of government, is destined for failure then why do we care?  If it eventually fails then the problem is solved, right?  So who cares?  Whay the big hubub?  There are worse forms of government that oppress people even more, like, say, absolutism, which is used by north Korea and up until a few years ago Saddam Hussein, who at one point was our allie, and yet his absolutist regime was not the reason he became our enemie (although it should have been)

But Communism is a disease, it oppresses people, it's horrible!  Yes, and China oppresses Tibet, and yet we do nothing about that, we do all our business with China who is a communist nation that oppresses tibetian pacifists from what I've read.

So whatis the bottom line, why do we hate communism, or why are we supposed to.  Does anyone actually know why?

Because the military-industrial complex wants you to

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So they'll keep getting lots of tax dollars.


We've given up one boogeyman for another

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Today it's more the terrorists than the communists although we still have China, North Korea, Vietnam and Cuba. China is at war with us using economics as a weapon. The communism and capitalism seem to be working together in China for the time being. But that may not be the case as the individual citizen gets more well off and wants more freedom.Right now they're trading economic wealth for individual freedom. We may have more freedom to express ourselves but we are losing our manufactoring base and jobs to China.

Seems the only time we're doing good is when we are in one of those good wars. I don't mean these wars with fourteenth century ragheads that are nothing but money pits. We need a good war with a good modern country witlh lots of land we can steal. I say we look north to the Great White North! It shouldn't be a hard war, they don't have many people. Also there's alot of frenchies up there so they should be good at surrendering.

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