Armageddon it

For all of the end of dayers out there, this simply HAS to be a sign:

Bristol Palin is hitting the lecture circuit.  That's right, Sarah's spawn is going out on the road to talk about women's issues, single mothering, and abstinence amongst other issues.  She will command between 15 and 30 grand for each 'engagement'.

Are you kidding me?  Someone is going to pay this girl to speak about something she doesn't know dick about?  Women's issues?  What women's issues?  What it's like to grow up with a beauty pageant mom who has delusions of grandeur who majored in journalism but can't answer a question about what she reads?  Single mothering?  Like Sarah and Toad, errrr, Todd are letting her just hang on her own in the wind while she carries her 'lovechild' around on public transportation to go from foodstamp office to welfare central to education enrollment cause she's got nowhere to turn?  Abstinence?  ABSTINENCE?  The girl who told Faux News abstinence is unrealistic is going to go in front of a crowd (sans offspring) and tell them what.....abstinence is where it is?  Abstinence is godly?  Abstinence is what she wishes she had practiced?  She didn't, and when little what's his name grows up I'm sure he'll be delighted knowing his mom talked to groups about how he was either the wrong thing to do or wrong in gods eyes or an unavoidable evil due to grandmas prolife political career.  Yeah that won't mess a kid up.

AND SHE'S GOING TO GET PAID FOR IT.  Forget about Sarah for a moment, what exactly qualifies Bristol to speak about ANY of these issues?  I can look around Albertson's when I shop and find a score of women who know more about women's issues than Bristol and can articulate them.  I can go to my girlfriends son's school and can find a child of single mothers who actually have knowledge and experience of life enough to talk about.  And abstinence?  I'm sorry, unless you shelter your children in a homeschool environment and deny them the opportunity to socialize as humans obviously need to do abstinence is a pipedream.  Do ALL kids have sex in highschool (or before that)?  No of course not.  I have friends of both sexes who didn't.  It was their choice given to them by parents who cared and explaned life to them in terms they took to believe that abstinence was what they themselves wanted.  Not because of fear or judgement or retaliation, just because for them it was right for whatever the reason. (or they were just flatout fugly)  But expecting total abstinence from a group whose hormones are, for those anyone who has a realistic recollecting of school, berserk is as sane a concept as going out in the backyard with a shovel and tunnelling to Borneo. 

Bristol Palin is a footnote in history, and barely that.  Any group that somehow convinces itself that a speech by her about any topic will be a motivating revelation would be better served hiring Paris Hilton to discuss those issues, plus she could go indepth about those camera angles she would then 'disavow'. 


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Abstinence is godly

I'm sure you meant "Abstinence is Godly".

I'm going to add seeing "Bristol Palin" to my Notting Hill "what movie do I watch over and over" list.

Thanks for that.

The Palins and all the other Chillbillies need to stay in Alaska

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I'm beyond sick of this clan. Damn you McCain for introducing that bitch and her disfunctional family to the world and damn you Teabaggers for supporting her. If anything I hope the Teabaggers and Palin bring about the death of the Republican party. The sad thing is there's still alot of stupid people out there to support them.

Come on, Raj!

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To us furriners, the hillbillies are what is so loveable about 'Merrica. That the MSM gives the hillbillies and their crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat ideas any credence whatsover is even more amusing to watch.

God but I  love America.

The Great White North has hosers

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Chillbillies are a different breed from hillbillies

Hillbillies don't kill wolves from helicopters

Ron Paul's spawn is trying to outshine the Palins

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Maybe Rand Paul is trying to drum up business by poking the country in the eye with his shit

We're all doomed, I tell you!

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Bold prediction

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From someone who would use the Hubble to scope out sorority houses if given a slice of vieiwing time. 

Is it possible

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to buy some time on that thing?

It takes more than money

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You must also possess a certain degree of technical expertise. For instance, when using a personal computer to access and post on a computerized bulletin board, you must know how to work the "reply" button.

Well all right then.

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Rajah! Get over here.


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more than the sun has you all covered anyway.

The Pentagon sends a space vehicle to the Sun?

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Are the generals determined to deal with those pesky solar flares before they threaten the homeland?  WTF?

From Mr. Fool's article:

Jonathan McDowell, a Harvard astronomer who tracks rocket launchings and space activity, said the secrecy surrounding the X-37B even extended to the whereabouts of the rocket’s upper stage, which was sent into an unknown orbit around the sun. In one of his regular Internet postings, he said that appeared to be the first time the United States had put a space vehicle into a solar orbit that is “officially secret.”

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  This is all Shrub's doing.  He is clearly trying to use solar power to further the evil intentions of his oil buddies.  Or something.

He just wants

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to deflect a flare towards the accountants office in Arlington Stadium and fry those old books of his now that they're going to get looked at. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


Men have landed on the Sun?

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That's about as ridiculous as men on the Moon

Rajah, Two Words for You...

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