Atheist Christmas cards?

Bah Humbug! Christmas sucks

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The Christmas holiday has been about greed, stupidity and rude behavior for a long time now.  Here is the proof.   From the Associated Press updated 1 hour, 56 minutes ago
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GARDEN CITY, N.Y. - The family of a New York man who was trampled to death the day after Thanksgiving by a stampede of bargain hunting Wal-Mart shoppers has filed a wrongful death lawsuit.

The family also filed notice that Nassau County, on Long Island, and its police department will be sued.

The lawsuit against Wal-Mart and the Long Island mall where it is located was filed Wednesday in state Supreme Court in the Bronx on behalf of Elsie Damour Phillipe. Phillipe is the sister of victim Jdimytai Damour, and is the court-appointed administrator of his estate.

Damour, a temporary worker hired for the holiday season, was crushed to death when some 2,000 customers stormed into the Valley Stream store.

{;-) Dan in Miami


That angers me...

TMundo's picture obsessed with shopping do you have to be to not notice a man the size of a linebacker is on the floor.  Did the initial push knock him over and then people just kept pushing?  The people stepping on him were pushed on to him by the people behind?


Objectionable aspects of Christmas are pagan

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If you are a real Christian you should get rid of the tree, the gift exchange and the damn Easter Bunny too!  None of that stuff has anything to do with the Bible.  It's all pagan in origin.

Some devout Christians talk about it in this video:

{;-) Dan (agnostic) in Miami

PS:  The greedy scum at that Wal-Mart even trampled a pregnant woman!  Christmas sucks and it's time to recognize that fact.  If you are Christian or secular you should condemn the materialism that has ruined Christmas.

Happy Holidays!

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That is all.

Bring back Saturnalia!

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Didn't rich Romans dress up as poor people while the poor dressed as the rich then?


The artist formerly known as Zorro.

It was much closer to Boxing Day

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"I haven't been in a crowd like this since I went to see The Who." (WAY)

Will children be traumatized by pagan Santa Myth this year?

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From the left of center Washington Post:

With everyone from teachers and celebrities to parents and psychologists weighing in, the battle lines in this debate are starkly drawn. One camp dismisses the Santa story as a pernicious lie that commercializes Christmas, excludes non-Christians and ruptures the trust between parent and child; the other embraces it as a bit of harmless fun that reflects the imagination and wonder of childhood. On both sides, the strength of feeling can be startling. One blogger writes that lying to your children about Santa is a "form of child abuse."

Nor is the sound and fury confined to the online world. I know a couple in Manhattan -- where else? -- who have hired a therapist to help their children cope with the news that Father Christmas is not real.

{;-) Dan (no snow, no Santa, no freakin' Reindeer) in Miami

Why, why, why, oh why

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did you just have to ruin my Christmas, Dan? Now what do I tell myself when I wake up Christmas morning and see nothing under my tree?

Why deny them that brief period where magic is possible?

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I remember coming downstairs and seeing the christmas tree alight and all that loot! The fog of believing is a nice place and it doesn't last too long. I'll never forgive my brother for telling me last year that there was no Santa Claus!

on the one hand, I think its

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on the one hand, I think its disgusting that from a very young age children are taught to believe in something that does not exist

on the other hand, whats wrong with some excitement and presents for the kiddies? 


 Formerly Known as MasterKlives


I'm in complete agreement with Formerly Known as MasterKlives,

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but unfortunately, Dan in an earlier post has ruined Christmas for me.

He knows if you've been sleeping, he knows when you're awake

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He knows if you've been bad or good so be good for goodness sake

Hmmm, sounds like a stalker to me!


Santa Letter Program Changed After Sex Offender Volunteers

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Unfortunately your jest is sometimes correct Rajah. 

It's from Faux News so you know it must be true:,2933,470657,00.html

{;-) Dan (Happy Holidays!) in Miami

That was sad

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 The fuckers have changed Halloween too. We use to go everywhere when we were kids.

Still I see no harm in kids believing in a kindly old man who makes toys with elves. Hmmm, he lives with elves? What a pervert!

Just because

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Santa sometimes wears short pants in the summer to prevent chafing and lives with elves doesn't mean he's a pervert.

Does it?

when he says ho ho ho

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is he laughing or looking for prostitutes?

I'm agnostic, but Christmas should be about charity, not greed

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Plus maybe some well done carols and hymns.  My local classical radio station has played some tunes that even a Grinch like me can enjoy.  That Von Trapp family from "The Sound of Music" (1965) made some very good albums for this time of year.

{;-) Dan in Miami

American Jews now compete with their own version of "X-mas"

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"Only 30 percent of Israelis ranked Hanukkah as a "top three" festival celebrated by their Jewish classmates; at Stanford the figure was more than 95 percent."

" North America it [Hanukkah] has come to be known as the "Jewish Christmas" and is celebrated with extravagance—in particular, extravagant consumerism. In a recent study, Stanford economists Ran Abramitzky, Liran Einav, and Oren Rigbi argue that this is a natural response by Jews living in America's fiercely competitive religious marketplace."

"Using survey data on religious observance, the Israeli-American researchers find that it is Jews who are most concerned with assimilation who are most likely to go all out for Hanukkah, as a means of enticing their kids to keep the faith."

{;-) Dan in Miami

PS:  Yes - now it's all about greed - even for non-Christians.


As Gordon Gecko said

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"Greed is good"

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