Atheist test

It's pass or fail kiddies, if you can't do step one, you don't qualify.  And by the way, Roger Penrose's "The Emperor's New Mind" is a better read.


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You'd actually have a more receptive audience with Maher

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Bill Maher is an agnostic.  His mind is open to their being a God.  He stated as much several times in Religulous and has stated so on at least one other talk show (besides his own).

Jazzy, you did see Religulous, didn't you?  I'm just curious.  I assume you did. 

jazzdrive3 wrote:

Where exactly are you getting your "chances?"

Most people of that era didn't live to see their third decade.  Ergo, if a gospel wasn't penned until four decades after the Crucifixion, it was likely not written by someone who knew Jesus in the physical sense as it was of said witness living past the age of 40.  From the University of Texas Roman Life Expectancy Tables, I give you the following: Only 29% of the population would be alive that could have known the (physical) Jesus 40 years after His death; Only 18% of the population would be alive 50 years after Jesus' death; And only 8% of the population would be alive 60 years after Jesus' death. 


I don't know if Jesus was in a coma...

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... after they took him down from the cross.  I do know that Roman soldiers were not trained in the ancient Egyptian healing arts.  Nice try though Jazzy.

{;-) Dan in Miami

Who said they were trained

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Who said they were trained in the Egyptian healing arts?  I just said they were trained to kill, and it was in their best interest to ensure that whoever was on the cross was dead.  And they had pretty simple tests to perform to check, like stabbing them with a spear and puncturing their lung.

Cucifixion victims were seen as enemies of Rome.  Failure for them to die would have been treason on the part of the Soldier(s) overseeing.  Their job was to ensure the task was completed.

I just used Egypt as an example showing that the ancients weren't as dumb or gullible as we sometimes think they are.

People have survived being shot in the head

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I don't see why Jesus couldn't have survived being stabbed a few times. 

The ancient Romans may have been very good at killing people but they did not understand the concept of a coma, where people can appear to be dead.  The breathing and pulse can be so faint that it can't be detected without sophisticated equipment.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Have I ever told you...

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That I've been struck by lightning seven times?

Yep, seven times

Once when I was out walking my dog

Get rid of the tin foil hat Rajah

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One more time and you will turn into a human dynamo.

{;-) Dan (doing the electric boogaloo) in Miami

You're all missing one thing...

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Amongs all the evidence  and corroborating arguments, can you take a good look at what Jesus said, and at what they wrote about what he did, can you pull anything from it and apply it to your life?  Does what he said sound good to the ears, does it make sence?  This is where faith comes in.  Do you agree with it?  Will you do it?  It takes faith to go and do it.

This isn't about faith, Mr. T, or about the value of Jesus' word

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It's about whether on not Jesus, as portrayed in the gospels, actually existed.  May I remind you that this is Crankyland!  How dare you post off topic!


You're talking about a conspiracy involving thousands

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Nah, I don't think Jesus was a made up person. But at the same time I think the story has been embelished over the years. The same could be said about many historical figures


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The stories about Chuck Norris are all based on eye witness accounts.

When Chuck Norris was born

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The doctor didn't spank him he spanked the doctor!

Remember that we're talking about events 2000 years ago

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The historical record has tangible facts about very, very few people who lived then.

People still aren't sure whether or not Zarathustra was a real person.

Oh yeah?

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Well who was it who spake, then?


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It was Thus. But you already knew this, didn't you.                           

Wait a minute! Coaster is Zarathustra?

Gimme back my fucking monolith, monkey killer!

So much was left out of the Bible

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Lilith : Adam's first wife

The Testament of Solomon

Acts of Paul and Thecla

There was alot of editing going on

In addition

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The written word itself can have many ambiguities. For example, in the Greek language the same words can mean "He bathed, " "He had himself bathed" or "He let himself be bathed."

Also, punctuation marks were added later.  So we can't be sure whether Jesus was saying "I'm telling you this day, you shall be in the kingdom of God," or "I'm telling you, this day you shall be in the kingdom of God."

Is it true Jesus hung out in peeler bars?

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With his leper friends?

Finally! a reason for sleeping in on Sunday:

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Going to Hell in a bus

Rajah's picture

Sure beats that handbasket!

These atheists are pushing their religious views on other people

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This is proselytizing.  It's just as annoying as those idiots who want to testify for Jesus at the top of their lungs on a bus or a train.

{;-) Dan (agnostic) in Miami

PS:  One thing you have to say about agnostics:  they never try to force their religious views on anyone.  Because they don't have any.

Anyone who doesn't think like I think is a heretic!

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You heard me!

You're all EVIL!


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Rajah wrote:

You heard me!

You're all EVIL!





And loving every minute of it.

~No, my young padawan; this one is mine.~


Some of you

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(and you know who you are) are going to be in trouble now!


On May 21, "starting in the Pacific Rim at around the 6 p.m. local time hour, in each time zone, there will be a great earthquake, such as has never been in the history of the Earth," he says. The true Christian believers -- he hopes he's one of them -- will be "raptured": They'll fly upward to heaven.

As for me, I'll be in Times Square, watching it traversing the time zones on hell's jumbotron. I'm going to celebrate like it was New Year's Eve. Who wants to join me there in listening to the screeching of the hinges on the doorway to hell?

Okay, well

RidingFool's picture
  • I've managed to give away most of what I've accumulated in my all too short life.
  • I closed my bank accounts.
  • I threw all my money off the balcony.
  • I burned my books.
  • I turned off the refrigerator.

Does anyone know if there's anything else I need to do?

After tonight I'll be sleeping on the ground under the stars.

Oh, one more thing...

RidingFool's picture

does anyone have a shotgun I can borrow?

I for one can't wait for the Rapture

Rajah's picture

When all those goody-two-shoes leave this earth

Then it will be time to PAR-TEY!

There'll be no "saints" around to spoil our good time

lol, RF

Mal_Content's picture

I wish I could be there, toting my lawnchair and cooler bag...sounds like quite a show!

You are so done, girl.

RidingFool's picture

I can't believe that you kept a lawn chair and a cooler.

Pathetic, I know.

Mal_Content's picture

Did I mention that I'll also be sporting curlers and a fine pair of polyester pants?

I feel behooved to mention

RidingFool's picture

that you must give up all of your possessions to make the cut. And even if you don't, that's my rule - which appears to be as good a rule as many others are making up about the Great Event. See you in front of Hades' Jumbotron! I'll be the naked guy dancing on top of the stolen microbus.

Two days to go and counting!

Since I've given everything away in anticipation,

RidingFool's picture

I had to steal a van. I'm planning on hitting the road Monday morning. Anyone who wants to come along is welcome. We must have equal numbers of females to males. Probably three or four to one would be good. (I was never any good at math.) Mail your applications to Box 13, Nara Visa, Arizona.

I've arranged for a friend to reserve a parking spot in Times Square. To survive, I'll be shoplifting gasbar burritos along the way and washing them down with rainwater - if it's still raining.

Peace out, brothers! (And sisters.)

So you're a hobo now?

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I hear Coaster gives free sponge baths to hoboesssssssssssssssss

Well, since I've committed myself

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to the end of days on May 21, I've given away all of my possessions in anticipation of the event. I'm presently headed to Times Square to watch it all on Hades Jumbotron. It's going to be one hell of a New Year's Par-tay beginning in the Pacific Rim at around six p.m. local time hour in each time zone. I figure Times Square is as good a place as any to enjoy the ambiance traveling through time zones.

Umm, in case it all goes wrong, can I borrow a coupla bucks and a shotgun? I'll need to get down to Nara Visa to check my mail.

I just signed up for a Facebook Event

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"Post Rapture Looting" 


Your cavalier attitude

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is shocking.


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I'm new to this thread, and the video in the original link has been taken down. But I consider myself to be agnostic.

I am really intrigued by the simulation hypothesis.

Imagine that some day there is a computer program that accurately simulates the entire universe, including all the conscious beings in it, such as us. And imagine that billions of such simulations are run.

If there are billions of simulated universes, and only one real universe, them the odds that we are living in one of those simulations approaches 100%, and the odds that we are living in the one real universe approaches 0%.


Just wondering

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Could they develop a computer that simulates the whole universe, INCLUDING THAT COMPUTER ITSELF? (Sort of like the scene in BEING JOHN MALKOVICH where Malkovich himself went into his own head.)



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I don't think any computer can simulate itself. So any computer that simulated our universe would be creating a simulation that was incomplete. So, for example, if you never look at your own hand under an electron microscope, then the simulation of your hand does not need to be accurate or complete. If we never visit Jupiter, then the simulation of Jupiter can be very rough, and nothing close to what Jupiter is really like. If we never visit nearby stars, then their simulation can be nothing more than a point of light in the sky.


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