Avatar pulled from movie screens in China

Dan gives the finger to totalitarian Commie Chinks

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Well I am off to see Avatar in Ft Lauderdale on the awesome IMAX screen with the gazzilion speakers and the 3d glasses and the really awesome 5 story high screen.  Take that Mao! 

{;-) Dan (leaving Miami now)

A user from china responds with...

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    10. Sorry. . .I live here. No opinions. People here don't really care. If it's pulled, we all go to the local underground DVD store and buy it.

You are clueless about China, so therefore this article means nothing to me, since it's already on DVD here.

Maybe so, but you don't get the 3d effect.  Another poster pointed out the sad state of affairs it is, when the government decides what people can watch, but found it equally sad that america depends on China for cheap labor.  Saying that things wonm't change unless buying practices change.

Honestly though, if everyone in america simply stopped buying goods made in China, what would happen to China?  Would they just stop being so totalitarian altogether?  They'd just loose a lot of money and find some other way to make money.  Unless america gave them certain demands. 

Chinese products suck, don't buy them

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And Avatar on the huge Imax screen in true 3d was awesome!!

This movie was meant to be seen that way.

{;-) Dan in Miami


Chinese products go beyond the big suck.

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But then, so did Japanese products in their early iterations. Look at a good Japanese product now.

China's problem (not as though there is only one) is that those godless heathens (with apologies to all of the godless heathens out there that I know) have no conscience, and thus love to pass the buck - along with the occasional impurity or faulty product - off on an unsuspecting and illiterate population. And if their own people aren't aware of the scam, why would they think that the rest of the inferior round-eyed world would be aware of it? As we all know, other godless heathens aren't so inclined to be so cavalier in their product offerings...

In truth, I now find myself a label reader, and in the grocery store, if it says made in China, I will avoid it like the plague. That must come with age and declining fortunes, as most food banks that I am forced to indulge aren't so picky.

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