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So basically what we've got here is a very predictable hollywood film with some 3D effects added to give it an extra boost.  The film itself, is good enough to keep you interested, I mean it's not awful, but it is predictable, that doesn't mean it's not entertaining though.  It's a popcorn flick with some fringe benefits.

I saw this in standard 3D which at a whoping $16.00 a ticket, was a rip-off.  For some reason, seeing it in 3D made the screen look smaller.  I also seem to remeber 3D poipping off the screen a little more when I visited Disneyworld as a kid.  There were two films I've seen in 3D, a demo flick Disney used to run, that featured a bunch dream sequences with a bunch of kids in a field, on a carousel, flying.  The other was Michael Jackson as Captain Emo.  Personnally the most memories I have of 3D are of the demo flick.  The kid blowing danilion seeds all over the place, they seemed to scatter all over us.  My point is that this didn't seem to be the case in Avatar.  Sure, a tail or a wing would pop out here and there, and there was a nice jungle scene where Jake first meets the girl and follows her through the woods, yeah, that was cool.  but as a whole it left me wanting more.  See this bit in I-Max if you can.

The animation was good, it looked real enough so that I wasn't constantly thinking how fake it looked.

Just because it's the highest grossing film, doesn't mean more people saw it.  It costs more than twice as much to see it as E.T. cost (around $7.00 if I remeber correctly)  So double the price and you gross more.



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It's an all too familiar formula

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In monster and alien movies the military or authorities always show up to muck things up. I would've been satisfied if they had just spent the movie exploring the planet Pandora, didn't really need the added drama. You must admit the planet or moon hosted some inventive and interesting flora and fauna. I don't see why they need to always have some romance and good guy vs bad guy drama to make it interesting.Oh yeah I forgot, Coaster needs things blowing up.

So, you wanted a National Geographic Special on Pandora?

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I'd prefer there were more gunplay in National Geographic Specials. 

Avatar's currently #20, adjusted for inflation

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Puts it in-between Fantasia and Star Wars Episode 1 - if it hits 700 million it'll be just behind Return of the Jedi, 750 just ahead of Empire Strikes Back, and 800 (which I think is unlikely) will bring it close to Snow White.  By comparison, Titanic is #6 on that list with $976 million (the top few films, such as Gone with the Wind, Star Wars and ET, are all films which have been re-released multiple times, something that is a thing of the past...)

In that Alice In Wonderland trailer before the movie

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The Cheshire Cat's head came right at me! It scared Rajah!


A more likely scenario of us humans encountering an alien race is we would introduce some microbe that would either kill them or us. I can see the parallel between this movie and Dances with Wolves.


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...wrong Avatar.


~There ain't no Devil, just God when He's drunk.~


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