AWESOME!!! Star Trek: Conquest OPEN BETA available to download.

AWESOME!!! I'm gonna give it a try after I do homework! AWESOME!!!

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Activision's new online Star Trek game, "Star Trek: ConQuest Online" is at the Beta testing phase and Star Trek fans can get first crack. The open beta of the game is available for download.

"Star Trek: ConQuest Online" is a turn-based game in which players assume the role of a member of the Q Continuum to try to accumulate galactic real estate by taking over planets, and whoever ends up with the most planets wins.

Choosing from three types of game pieces (Ships, People and Items), players have to construct offensive and defensive forces to take over new planets and protect the ones they already control. Turns are broken down into three phases, Deploying pieces, Moving pieces and Attack/Defend.

The game is played online, with players going head-to-head from their own computers. Ultimately, once the testing is complete, the game will be available in stores featuring bonus pieces not available online.


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That's great! But could you fix the link?

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It doesn't work.

Jesus Built My Hotrod

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