Axe Chocolate Man Commercial

creepiest commercial ever

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i won't be able to sleep for a while.

I laughed out loud when I saw it

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Women love their chocolate!

What that brown man needs

RidingFool's picture

is a little white paint around the edges.

Makes you wonder

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What kind of drugs those advertizing people are on

Very strange, I was like wha? when I first saw it...

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...but I enjoy being entertained by commercials because it's so rare that I am, on the other hand, my daughter walked in when it was on, and it wasn't like I was watching an R rated channel or anything, but I immediately freaked, what's she gonna think of this?

What do you do when something you can't rightly explain comes on? Something that's almost gore but isn't because it's chocolate comes on the TV when you're with your kid, and you're like, "gahh?!!!"

Hmmm I don't know

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You're talking to someone who showed Tub Girl to his nieces and nephew

Easy, Mr. T. Just tell your little girl what I told my kids....

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When a kid came in to the room and something weird, perverted, or horrific happened to be on the TV, I just told her, "Just ignore that, Sweetie.  Those are Republicans."

Funny he should mention that, because

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that's exactly what Coaster told me when I was sitting in that easy chair in front of the television. Well, except for the sweetie part, that is.

I'm with you, Critico.

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I found myself cringing as I watched it.  I'm not sure why.


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I'm going to Hell and I just don't care.


"Eat Me!"

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Nightmare.  Fuel.  <:(

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