A Bad Sign

Women need, nay, MUST

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be relegated to the tasks at hand, such as sweeping, dishes and window cleaning.

To allow them to become pregnant and the consequent profligate breastfeeding in public areas is anathema to every hard working, bible-thumping christian in America!

Why is breastfeeding such a big deal to you folks?

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Can't you people find something better to be offended by? 

Funny - I've never heard anyone complain about public breastfeeding up here.  Either we don't care, or we seem to understand that it's none of our business.


It's because breast feeding isn't natural.

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Right, Rajah?

Babies gottah eat, they don't wait until later...

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...so on an airplane you'd prefer the baby cry instead?  Because that's what they do if you don't feed them.  I'd assume most mothers cover themselves up, as in put a cloth over the baby's head during feeding.  I don't think most women want to have their breasts out in front of everyone either, so they cover up.  It's not a public display of gratuitous nudity, it's a baby being nourished.


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the reason small children and babies cry on board an airplane is due to pressurization issues. In general, once the child becomes accustomed to the new cabin pressure, crying usually will cease.

yeah, but babies also cry when they need something...

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...usually it's one of the big three, that is.

feed me (or the bottle)

change me

or put me to sleep

If it happens to be feed me, and you don't have any breast milk handy, which can happen, guess what?  It's called breastfeeding, and it's part of life.

But since it's not a public display of gratuitous nudity,

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rather, a child's nourishment, why should a woman need to cover up?  You're saying two different things, here.

Breastfeeding itself isn't a big deal

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We're just offended that they won't share.  You know what they say, if you're going to bring a treat, you'd better bring enough for the whole class.

Although, Rajah, here's a worse sign:

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Do uncircumcized men have to break something the1st time?

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...that's what I was told, but I really couldn't visualize it.

Babies need to grow up!

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And stop being such cry babies!

I think American men are just more insecure, Mal

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Plus, they just really don't wanna share.  


I'm curious, TMundo.

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What do you mean by having to break something?


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The same way a woman's hymen must break during her first time, I was told that an uncircumcized man has to go through a similar thing.  A guy I knew that was uncircumcized explained it to me, but I couldn't really visualize it, and I didn't want him to pull it out to show me exactly what he was talking about, if yah know what I mean?

Let's see what the Landover Baptist Church about this tissue

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See? Xur agrees with me.

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At least I think that's what happened.

TMundo, my husband was circumcised when he was 18 years old, and I don't recall him saying anything about what you're describing.  In fact, I've never heard anything like it, but it's an interesting subject.

That's a big issue with the Little General

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Or should I say tissue?

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