Batman Shooting.



CNN) -- A heavily armed gunman tossed tear gas into the darkness of an Aurora, Colorado movie theater Friday and then sprayed the audience with gunfire during an early morning screening of the new Batman movie, killing 12 and wounding 38 others, authorities said.

One of the injured was just 3 months old, according to hospital workers.

Police arrested a man believed to be the shooter in a rear parking lot of the theater, Frank Fania, a police spokesman, told CNN. The suspect was not immediately identified. Police said he was a man in his 20s from Aurora.

"He did not resist. He did not put up a fight," Fania said. Police seized a rifle and a handgun from the suspect, and another gun was found in the theater, he said.


Holy cuntcakes.



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Some of the reviews were pretty bad, but

RidingFool's picture

I didn't think they warranted this kind of response.

Not easy

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to watch reports and wonder if my many friends in east Denver who have a penchant for attending premiers of this sort were at this theatre in Aurora.  And to think I lived a mile and a half southwest of Columbine in '99 brings this kind of insanity closer.

IMO, its too bad the sack of skin didn't resist. 

One out of four people is freakishly stupid. If three of your friends are normal, then it's you.


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