Battlestar Galactica finale (spoilers)

Heck of a way to finish off the show - you had deaths of characters major and minor (plus we finally found out that Kara really was, without a doubt, dead), a big-ass explosion, interesting flashbacks (especially Kara and Lee almost doing in on a table and Baltar knowingly handing over info to Caprica-Six), them finally finding the real Earth, a bizarre embracing of Luddite principles by people from a highly technological society, sending away the Centurions (screw the Caprica prequel, I wanna see a Centurion spin-off), Laura finally succumbing to her cancer, and a coda which really puts to use the "this has all happened before and will happen again" thing the show's mentioned numerous times.  I liked it, but I can see why some people didn't...


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All I have to say is this...

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<Crickets chirp>

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Sorry, I couldn't resist.  :)



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