The Beaver.....dumbest movie ever! (spoiler)

 Oh my god, who comes up with this shit? Ah yes, Jodie Foster! Mel Gibson plays a depressed man who's so depressed he has to talk through a beaver puppet. The puppet is taking over his life so to get rid of it he takes a bandsaw and cuts it off forgetting one thing his bloody arm is still in the puppet! Stupid stupid stupid movie!


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So then, did Mel

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bleed to death? I haven't seen him in anything recently. I have attemtped to talk through a beaver occasionally. Usually all I'm capable of doing at the time is some incomprehensible mumbling. Perhaps Jodie was looking for a breath of fresh air?

Beavers Unite! Or Untie! Whatever.

Alas no

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 We should be so lucky. Oh and here's a note from Jack Nicolson to Mel : He wants his hair style back!

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