Because the site is refusing to let me respond to the "What Do You Like" thread...

First of all, I need to flip out for a second: WE NEED A STAY LOGGED INDEFINATELY FEATURE NOW.

And I bring this up because I have had to re-log-in every God-damn time I tried to post in this thread.  Is anybody else having problems like this or is it just me?

I'd use the "anyone can post" option, which is great in theory - but the Captcha isn't showing up, so that needs to be fixed too. 

Finally, if at all possible, when you are asked to log in, after you do so, you should be taken to the last page you were on, not your profile page.  Because that doesn't help.

OK, back to what I was originally going to comment on: I personally *like* the seperate forums and would love to see more of them (it's kind of weird that we got a Meetups forum before Music, Television, Books, News, Animation, Games, ect.)  I like the idea, suggested elsewhere, of having a "Free For All" / "Big Old List" where each new forum topic ever posted would appear simultaneously, though it might be technically improbable.

Ness - Is going to go out of her mind if this doesn't go through...


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By "this thread", I mean the thread I wanted this to go in.  "what do You Like About the New Crankyland", under Jazzdrive's response to my post.

/ Glad she doesn't have to go out of her mind -- yet.

Just noticed the captcha

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Just noticed the captcha thing.  I'm looking into it.

Is anyone else having problems staying logged in?

Madness, one quirk with this system is that logged in sessions are tied to the domain.  So if you log in while you are at, you will not be logged in for  Get what I'm saying?  Next time this starts to happen, can you let me know which domains are displayed in the browser?  Thanks.

Are you still accessing the site via the raw ip address? vs

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That just blew my mind. Anyway, the captcha seems to be working now. Thank you!


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And the minute it changed from to, it yelled at me to log in again!  (OK, in asmuch as text can yell at you.  Never mind.)

Well, I added some code so

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Well, I added some code so it forces everything to go to

Let me know if you see any issues.

Well, I'm still at www.mrcranky...

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But it's still not letting me stay logged in, which sucks. <:/

BUT, the captcha is working, so it's not hopeless.

And I have found that it has inadvertantly brought us back to the REEEEEALLY old "change your screen-name for the LOLs" days.

Well, then there's something

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Well, then there's something wrong with your setup, as no one else is reporting this issue.  Do you ahve cookies enabled?  Are they enabled to stay alive for a longer period of time?  Which browser on operating system are you using?

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