Best throw-away line in a movie.

Has to have very little to do with or be only subtly related to the story.

I'll start with Sixteen Candles, 

Little Brother: <referring to Molly Ringwald> "Who'd  ever want to marry HER?"

Little Sister: "Mr. T"

<walks out door smiling>


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TMundo wants to marry 16 year old girls?

Dan_in_Cincinnati's picture

{;-) Dan in Miami

Can neither confirm nor deny...

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Though, I'm guessing that a deeply religious dude like mundo would wait the extra 2 years.  A gentleman to the last... 

Ummmmm, were I not already married...

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...I'd probably wait the two years and then wait some more knowing me and my indecisive attitude.


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The bit where where Joe Pesci says to his kid at the dinner table, "If I see you putting your hands in your plate one more time, I'm gonna stab you with this knife!" (Italian families don't mess around.)

The bit in MILLER'S CROSSING where Albert Finney says the murdered man's hairpiece was stolen, and Gabriel Byrne says "Maybe it was Injuns."

The bit in Laurel & Hardy's WAY OUT WEST where Hardy tries to start a conversation with an annoyed lady sitting next to him in a stagecoach: "Only eight months to Christmas!"

The bit in the L&H short DIRTY WORK (the one where they're chimney sweeps in a mad scientist's house) where the butler looks at them and mutters, "Somewhere an electric chair is waiting."


"Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

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Schwarzenegger, Arnold.

"Leave the gun. Take the cannoli"

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Da Gafaathah

Starsky: "I like your

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Starsky: "I like your moves."
Hutch: "I like your style."

I keep waiting for this to catch on as a call/response in-joke, but everyone stares at me blankly when I use the first half of it.


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The cop arresting mobster Paul Sorvino near the end of the movie says, "Whoever sold you that suit had a sense of humor!"


"You're out of your element, Donny" and "STFU, Donny."

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The Big Lebowski, of course.



The Big Lebowski the

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The Big Lebowski the best)
now watching

Best throw-away line in a movie

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Juan from the movie Club Dread:

"Juan Castillo... went to jail... for having sex with a goat. Ok? Is that what you wanted to hear? We lived on a farm! And I got lonely! We were just a couple of crazy kids!"

...what...what were talking about again?

A few cute ones, and ones that made me LOL or go WTF

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And I'm going to misquote the hell out of them.

"Laser envy!" in "Toy Story"

"Hey, we're in a rut!" in "The Dover Boys" (a short, but I can't resist)

"Mr. Wizard get me outa here!" among loads and loads more from the "Matrix" series

And, oh, here's another fun, appropos of nothing exchange from "16 Candles" (man, WTF happened to John Hughes?)

Nerd 1: "How can you tell it's a female alien?"

Nerd 2: "Duh, she's got boobs."

Nerd 1: "So why are they any different from human boobs?"

Nerd 2: "She's got four of them."

Worst lines in a "comedy"

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from Can't Stop The Music

Valerie Perine: "Oh no, my contact lens just fell in the lasagna."
Barbara Rush: "So, call it 'lasagna crunch'"


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"Anyone who could swallow two Snowballs and a Ding Dong shouldn't have any trouble with pride."

Gay subtext, anyone?


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