Best & Worst Movies of 2009

First draft, since I haven't seen a lot of the films which I've heard good things about (Hangover, Up in the Air, Hurt Locker, etc)

10 Best:

1.  Inglorious Basterds

2.  Up

3.  Avatar

4.  Star Trek

5.  500 Days of Summer

6.  Coraline

7.  Ponyo

8.  Adventureland

9.  Drag Me to Hell

10.  Paranormal Activity


5 Worst (no order for this one):

The Unborn

The Goods

Year One


GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra






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The worst? Don't forget about

RidingFool's picture


The musical or the animated flick?

MH's picture

Haven't seen either, so I can't really judge (though post-apocalyptic musicals can be fun - Repo!  The Genetic Opera is kind of an oddball fave of mine...)

The uber religious crap at the end of the animated "Nine"

Coaster's picture

ruined the entire movie for me.  That movie was a cake with iced with manure.

Man'- warr is the proper pronunciation. It's french you know.

TMundo's picture

And so a film about the number nine is a disappointment to you?  What was it, a documentary on mathematics 'n such?

Good pics, MH

HS's picture

Your top 4 will all almost certainly end up my top 10 list for the year.  I also enjoyed Adventureland and 500 Days of Summer, but I'm not sure if they'll make the cut.  Stay tuned....

(Hey, we have to pick up the slack since Aron is gone).




MH's picture

I still have a fair number of movies to see (esp. Hurt Locker - must have something to do with the current state of distribution for smaller films, but it's rare for a film to get that level of critical acclaim while only making about $12 million...)

Anyways, I meant to put District 9 on that list, but forgot - also, Up in the Air has a good shot of making the cut (weirdly enough, this year's year-end crop seems kind of weak apart from Avatar and a few other films, might have something to do with Nine flopping and Lovely Bones getting bad reviews)

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